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Welcome to the Cozy Red Roof Inn

The famous Red Roof Inn is a series of economy hotel chains which are situated in the United States. The dark red shingle roof of the Red Roof is the distinguished features which gave it the name. Even the current logo of the Red Roof as the name suggests is red. Red Roof is known to have over 500 properties spread all over the United States. The properties are mainly situated in the Midwest, Eastern and Southern United States.

Red Roof has been considered as a haven for many of the tired travelers. The staff and all the employees out there are considered to be very friendly, and they make you feel at home. Another striking feature of the hotels is that they are pet-friendly. Unlike most of the hotels that do not allow pets to stay with their masters and family, Red Roof has thought out of the box and has made sure to make their joints pet-friendly.

Red Roof Inns were later changed into hotels when they were acquired by this huge multinational hotel organization known as Accor Hotels in the year 1999. Once Accor Hotels had acquired the said Inns they have been known to expand the property by adding around 324 properties and around 37,208 rooms. Accor Hotels have been known to sell off the Red Roof Inns to a multinational group known as Citigroup Global Special Situations in the year 2007.

Red Roof Inn History

These inns were first founded in the year 1972 by a man is known as Jim Trueman. It has its main headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. The main idea of these inns was to provide customers with a clean and comfortable room which would come at an affordable price. One of the oldest hotels which are still operating as a Red Roof Inn is located in Michigan. They are very well known for their catchy slogan too which is "Sleep Cheap."

The President of the Red Roof Inn goes by the name of Jordan Crowe who was known to sell T-shirts with the Slogan tagged on them on the property which is one of the reasons the slogan became so popular. The Slogan was later changed to “Hit the Roof” due to the inflation which came about in the year 2005 and 2006. The actor Martin Mull has been known to star in few of the advertisements for Red Roof Inn.

International Expansion:

Now let us look into some of the international expansions and locations of the Red Roof Inns.

 These Inns have been known to expand in Canada in the year 2015 and also into Brazil. The expansion took place by an agreement which was signed with the developers knows as Pacrim Hospitality Services Inc who were given the project to develop the properties in Canada. The contract of developing these Inns was given to a group known as Nobile Hotels throughout Brazil.

 The hotel chains were first opened in Brazil in the year 2015. There were further plans to expand the business over the course of the next 25 years.

 Even the Floral Inn has been known to have gone through renovations in the year 2016 and open in the name of Red Roof Inn Plus Namba, Osaka which is situated in Japan. The number of rooms that are there on this property is around 224.

In and over the past three years Red Roof has shown a significant growth of around 41% while spreading through over 500 convenient locations. There are overall around 50 Red Roof Plus properties. Additional franchise properties are also under development. If sources are to be believed, then there are going to be a dozen more Red Inn Plus properties by the end of 2018.

As of now, Red Inn properties have spread around three new locations which include Curitiba, Vitoria and Natal, Brazil. In Japan, the first Red Inn property was established in Kamata while the plus properties are located in Osaka. Other locations where these properties are going to be developed include Thailand and Canada.

The Red Collection

Red Roof after having done extensive research has been proud to present one of their soft brands known as the Red Collection. They have done extensive research in finding out what makers a traveler happy and have tried to provide exactly those required services. The Red Collection are midscale ranged hotels which are unique in their way. These hotels which form the part of the Red Collection has been inspired and made for travelers who enjoy the vibe and culture of the city lifestyle.

One of the amazing features of the hotels which form the part of the Red Collection is that they are easily accessible and cost-effective. Unlike most of the expensive hotels, these hotels are easier in the pocket for customers. These hotels are also filled with the modern- day facilities. These hotels have been known to provide modern furniture and décor; the bathrooms have the facility of the spa. You can use Red Roof Inn coupon codes for more savings.

The rooms are even equipped with flat-screen tv's and the main attraction being the pet-friendly environment. They are even known to provide free and fast WIFI facility. There are even loyalty programs which offer free nights and customer discounts. We offer the best selection of Red Roof Inn coupon codes here. Choose a right coupon to start your journey at the most affordable price.

Each of the properties in the Red Collection has their own unique and distinctive name and other facilities like customized property enhancement plans and other brand standards which are based on the customers' requirements, wants and preferences. The Red Collection even provides opportunities to various franchises to invest in a sound and balanced brand which has a solid track record and an excellent management team. One such example of the hotel which forms part of the Red Collection is the St Clair Hotel.

The hotel has been known to provide facilities and services to different types of customers. One who has come for a business trip and the other sort who have come for some leisure? The hotel provides these travelers with the authentic Chicago experience at a very reasonable price. This hotel sits just a block off of Michigan Avenue. The hotel is located at a very convenient location as the guests are only a short walk away from some of the most popular restaurants, Museums, retailers and the historic Water Tower. Travelers have also been known to visit the famous Chicago River as it is located quite close to the hotel.

The room services which are provided in this hotel is simply exquisite as they provide their customers with modern, fresh and clean décor which comes at an affordable price. Even the bedding and quality of pillows and mattresses are top notch. The bathrooms have multi-flow shower heads, and there are other facilities like spa baths and Seattle’s best coffee. The lobby is known to feature plush, high tops and multiple outlets for varied devices and network connectivity.

Red Roof Plus:

Now let us look into what Red Roof Plus is all about. Red Roof has been known to be one of the leading franchise choices for properties since 1996. The Red Roof Plus is basically considered to be the stepped-up version of the original Red Roof. This extension has been considered perfect for those properties which have been trying to revive their hotels at lower and much more affordable costs and gain optimal returns.

The Red Roof Plus has been designed for those customers and guests who are looking for a much higher and upscale experience at a valued price. They have also been known to have tested out their Next Gen design over the past two years. The response from the customers has been great in respect of this new design.

The NextGen upgrades which have been installed in the rooms are mostly for discerning customers or guests. All the properties which form part of the Red Roof plus are 100 percent smoke-free zones. They have the Red Roof Plus signage, enhanced landscaping and entrance canopy. Now let us look at some of the Plus Upgrades

Some of the upgrades are as follows

 One of the upgrades which come with the Red Roof plus are that customers have the option of a New Premium Room. The room is said to have red canopies with enhanced LED lighting and attractive landscapes. They also have outside signage which indicates that the property is a Red Roof Plus property.

 Customers opting for Red Roof Plus also get to enjoy the NextGen upgrades which include modern furniture, a flat screen high definition television with the option of choosing from 36 different high definition channels. The floors are made out of the best wood, and there exist vessel sinks. The rooms also have extra electrical outlets for all the devices and Suite Beds by Serta which are 100 percent smoke-free. The bedding is of high quality, and the rooms have accent walls with a remarkable lobby featuring a stone accent wall.

 These premium rooms usually welcome their guests with a complimentary snack box which also consists of bottled water. Customers are also treated with popcorn, trail mix, and orange juice. To top this all of the customers are treated with granola bars and coffee or tea.

Other upgraded features provided to the customers are as follows:

 The rooms have an iron and an ironing board
 The room is said to have a mini-fridge.
 The room is also said to have a microwave
 There exists in-room communication facility with plush white pillows and top-quality mattresses and linens

As mentioned above the rooms also consist of multiple shower head facility along with spa bathrooms. Now let us look at few of the locations where the Red Roof Plus has been introduced

 In Japan, the Red Roof hotel with its Plus facilities has been opened in Osaka
 In Alabama locations include Birmingham East- Irondale, Opelika and Huntsville- Madison
 In Arizona, locations include Phoenix West, Tempe- Phoenix West and Williams.
 In Arkansas location includes Bentonville-Fayetteville.
 In California location includes San Francisco Airport.
 In Connecticut, the hotels have opened in Hartford Downtown and Guildford
 In Delaware, the hotels have opened at Wilmington-Newmark
 In Florida, locations include Miami Airport, Naples, Gainesville and West Palm Beach.

These are few examples of those locations which provide Red Roof Plus services. Travelers looking forward to these services can choose any of these locations for their travel. Now let us look into some of the milestones that Red Roof has achieved over the years.

Red Roof Milestones


 In the year 1973 the 'rooms only' chain of motels was established by late James R. Trueman in Columbus, Ohio. His main goal was to offer a comfortable and clean room at an affordable price.
 It was February 20, 1973, when the first Red Roof was brought into operation in Columbus, Ohio. The rate of a single room was $8.50.


 The guests were provided with a toll-free reservation system in the year 1980. This was the first attempt that was taken towards computerizing the front desk management.
 In the year 1982, the RediCard was introduced which was the identification card for the guests.
 Later in 1984, the corporate office was made completely computerized.
 It was in 1988 that the first radio and TV advertising campaign for the Red Roof was launched.


 In 1992, the telecommunication service was introduced to the customers.
 In 1994, Red Roof was bought off by Morgan Stanley Real Estate Fund.
 In 1997, the first Red Roof franchise was opened in Branson, Missouri.


 Red Roof introduced its new spokesperson who was the “red’, the bobble-head road warrior.
 In the year 2001, the RediCard system was re0launched.
 During this period, Red Roof launched some other services like it’s Superior King Room and the first online discount program.

 The 2010's:

 Red Roof occupied the rank of number 1 reservation service.
 They were also honored with the highest customer satisfaction score.


 Currently, Red Roof is looking forward to expanding its franchise and introduce other luxurious services for the convenience of its customers.

Thus, from the above discussion, it is clear that Red Roof Inns have come a long way. Travelers who are looking for a soothing experience at affordable prices should try out the different facilities and services which are provided by these hotels. Don't miss out on these Red Roof Inn coupon codes, coupons, deals, and more promotions here.

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