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Skillshare is a perfect place wherein worldwide people can discover more and learn more to improve their lives, advance their careers, and pursue their dream work they love.

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Illustrating the Skillshare Review

If you ever research about Skillshare, then you can see it on the internet that many people raise up questions against Skillshare that whether it is a scam or not. Thereby, there are many fights or arguments which come up on the internet regarding whether it is a scam or not. Thus, today, we are taking up this matter and giving you a full review of Skillshare and through this review will end with what we think about Skillshare from the review given. Thus, in this process, you can also understand for yourself whether it is actually a scam or not. So, without wasting anymore time, let us straight away head into the review of Skillshare.

The Overview of Skillshare

Skillshare is one such platform which is built for the lone purpose of serving the occupation of teaching. So, this is a platform where you can take up teaching as a freelancer and can share your skills with a huge crowd of audience who are waiting there to gain knowledge. Again, this is not only a coaching for Science, Commerce or Arts, but, this is a coaching for widely around 20,000 subjects from miscellaneous subjects like cooking and many more apart from the regular classes which are being held in institutions, schools and colleges.

Thus, if you have skill in any field, you can definitely share your skills through being a teacher based on the platform set by Skillshare.

Which Type of People Should Join Skillshare

There are two types of people, who if joins Skillshare, will certainly benefit a lot from Skillshare. The first type of people who will benefit from the Skillshare is that type of people who are eager to learn something. Some knowledge based on any subject they like. There are different teachers on one particular subject and they can extract out that knowledge from all the different teachers and learn something good and strong. The second type of people who will really benefit a lot from Skillshare is the type of people who already possess a certain skill and wants to share their skills through teaching and obviously to earn an amount of money.

So, if you are someone of any one type mentioned above, then you will highly be profitable from Skillshare.

The Working Principle Followed by Skillshare

There is not a particular working principle which is set to work for anyone who is joining Skillshare. Rather, there are two different working principles on which Skillshare works. The first working principle is for the students who are here to learn something. The second working principle is for the teachers who are here to share their skills to earn money.

Let us now have a detailed study regarding the working principle, which is set for the students and the teachers.

Working Principle of Skillshare for the Students: For students, there are two types of joining schemes. The first joining scheme is free admission. On free admission, you don’t have to pay any amount, but the access which you will have to classrooms in order to learn will be limited. However, if you wish to somehow have unlimited access to the subject housed by Skillshare, then you have to pay a membership fee, which again comes in two different options. The first option is paying $15 per month or paying $99 per year. Being a member is always of a greater, indeed much greater advantage because you get literally unlimited access. In case you don’t want to pay, you can have limited access.

Working Principle of Skillshare for the Teachers: There is no signing up fee for teachers. Once you sign up as a teacher, you can have lectures, workshops and project. Lectures are something you have to make from before and upload it to your profile. But, if you want to hold a workshop, then you have to go online with your students and teach them live. Obviously, holding a workshop will definitely yield you more students than holding a lecture. Below is mentioned the scheme in which a teacher can earn money from Skillshare.

How a Teacher Can Earn Money from Skillshare?

There are two factors which depend for a teacher’s earnings in Skillshare. The first factor is the amount of students who are signing up with a fee of membership. The second factor which plays a role is the time period for which students will be attending your classes.

Now, we will explain you the system on how the money is being distributed. Skillshare first makes an amount, a total amount that they have earned from the students who took up the member of Skillshare with the admission fee either monthly or yearly. Now, this total amount which Skillshare has received will be divided into two equal halves that is a ratio of 50% and 50% of the total amount. The first 50% goes to the company Skillshare itself. The second 50% goes to the pool where the money will be distributed between the teachers. So yes, the system might seem very weird, but this is how you will be earning as a teacher.

Different Complaints that have been lodged against Skillshare.

Complaints regarding expert teachers

Yes, there are complaints which are coming in against expert teachers. This is a big downside of Skillshare. This is because; there are many people, who are just lured by the money. They don’t even have a professional knowledge on any particular subject, but they claim themselves to be and join as a teacher. Again to deal with this, Skillshare has made provisions like this that students can give in their reviews and feedbacks on any teacher, whose class is being accessed.

Complaints regarding low pay scale from Skillshare

To earn big money is not so easy and neither does it happen overnight. You have to work hard and you have to stick to what you are doing. Give it some productive time and the time which you are investing, make sure that you are doing your work properly in that time. Then only will you grow in this particular line and with your growth you will get paid high. If you don’t work hard, you just cannot expect big amounts of money coming flying into you. But yes, looking at how the entire working principle of Skillshare works, just don’t hope that from this website you can earn your main salary. It is better to take this up as a secondary income only because of the fact that this website will never yield you a “promising stable income”.

Complaints regarding the problems in payments

Now, this is seriously a major issue. Like very major. Yes, it doesn’t happen with most of the people, but even if it happens with 1 person out of 1000 people, still it is major. Reports have been entertained where people have been charged for a payment which they never initiated or completed or even thought of initiating. Thus, here it becomes a major loss of that very person. So, this is one complaint, that is really major and Skillshare should immediately look to any kind of problem like this.

There are legit complaints and there are fake complaints too. But, it is those complaints that you have to filter out. The best way of filtering out these fake complaints are through the reviews. Now, you may take up customer reviews, but, again customers do provide fake reviews. Thus, it is always better to take into consideration of the highly reputed reviewers and critics who has reviewed the website Skillshare.

Our Opinions Regarding Skillshare

Yes, taking the cons into consideration, there are downsides and major drawback of Skillshare. Yes, SKillshare should look up to these matters and try to solve these problems. But, keeping the downsides in its place, if we see the upsides or the good that Skillshare is ready to provide, it is seriously a great platform for students and teachers. It is not only that students can get to know about teachers from various places and teachers getting to know about students from various places, but it are the activities which are provided by Skillshare, through which a teacher cam maintain constant communication and connections with his or her students.

If you see above, there is a section for which Skillshare is mainly for. So, if you are in that category, your chances of gaining are way more than your chances of losing. The final call for joining is obviously yours, but you can definitely give it a thought if you are by any chance interested in this wonderful scheme.

Concluding this review, there is nothing which is picture perfect. Everything in this world has some bad and some good. We do live our lives that way. Yes, considering the downsides of Skillshare, they might be major and very serious, but they are also promising you to provide some amazing upsides. So, basically the point is, never go by anyone’s words. Take time, give it a thought and make the right decision for yourself. Always remember, you gain for yourself and you also lose for yourself.

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