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1 and 1 Review: - the greatest web hosting company in history of internet

Today we live in 21st century, also known as the “digital age”, why is it called that way? That question can be answered by looking into our past, you must have heard of “industrial age” which existed during 18th century, the main specialty of this age was we moved from manual work to machine-work reducing human labor and increasing productivity.

In the same manner in digital age we are totally dependent on digital gadgets like Smartphone and computers in our day-to-day lives. Everything is digitalized today and our economy is also not far behind. You may consider any form of business it is all digitalized right from data management, accounting to advertising and customer service every aspect of the market is digitalized.

The biggest reason behind companies switching from manual to digital is efficiency and transparency of execution. The best way to achieve this purpose and reach out to the target audience is web hosting services; web hosting services is a sub-type of internet hosting services. To understand the exact meaning of web-hosting services we need to understand internet hosting services, an example of web-hosting services is 1 and 1 review.

Internet hosting

Internet hosting is a service which provides server on a computer allowing large-scale and small scale organizations even entrepreneurs going solo with a platform to fulfill their commercial needs of uploading content on internet and reaching their target audience. Internet hosting is further divided into two categories:-

 Web hosting services

 E-mail hosting services

 DNS hosting services

I will cover web hosting services in detail; first let’s get an idea in brief about what are exactly e-mail hosting services?

E-mail hosting provides the company a platform to communicate their content to the customers by hosting it through e-mail, the company which is hired for this purpose has to make sure that it is a secure, the major issue is that of spam mails, which can fill your limited e-mail platform memory and prevent the required e-mails from coming through.

The competition is so stiff many e-mail hosting service providing companies offer it for free, but it is advisable to big corporations to appoint a trusted and competent company for e-mail hosting services, even if they have to pay some fees for the services it is worthier than free unreliable services.

Internet hosting is mainly charged on the basis of bandwidth usage per given time period, where time-period can be anything between per-second to per-year. Bandwidth is defined as the amount of data to be transmitted per specified unit of time. DNS hosting service basically deals with the regulations involving the distribution of domain server names or DNS.

Domain name gives authority or control to the individual or corporations control over that section of internet falling under the domain, hence legal and approved registration of a domain is very important under the DNS regulations.  

Reasons for increasing preference of web-hosting services over e-mail hosting services.

E-mail hosting was quite a rage in the beginning but it was surpassed by web-hosting services I have compiled a list of reasons for this.

Over information and spamming are the major drawbacks of e-mail hosting services which can frustrate a potential customer to such extent that he or she might stop any further relation with the company which can severely damage the reputation of the company in the market.

Phishing and virulent software can be attached by hackers and criminals to cheat the criminals in the name of the respective organization which can affect the company’s core customer group.

E-mails are not sufficient to provide personal connect with the customer and also they are not capable of displaying company or product information in an interactive way and many times this inability of e-mail leads to misunderstanding between the company and customer.

These are some of the major concerns regarding e-mail hosting services and these causes have forced many companies to shift their focus from e-mail hosting to web hosting services.

Web-hosting services

Web-hosting services is a way to show your content via websites on the World Wide Web, it is mainly used by individuals and companies to meet their commercial obligations. Web-hosting services provide companies an online presence and this being a digital age helps the company be connected and available to their customers always.

Hosting services were non-existent before the early 90’s and internet was only used for connectivity and sharing of information, web-hosting services only became a reality after the development of graphical web-browsers by Mac.

For web-hosting the company has to maintain a dedicated server and computer machine and spend substantial amount of revenue for its maintenance, many companies were incapable of doing this which led to the birth of web-hosting services industries and taking advantage of this sudden demand many companies came up which specialized in providing high-quality web-hosting services.

1 and 1 review was one such company to dive into this market. Web-hosting services are further divided into following categories:-

 Small web hosting services

This kind of web-hosting is the most basic form of service provided and is generally for small-scale companies or start-ups trying to know the nous of the market before they begin gaining a strong foothold. Many individuals creating personal blogs or enterprise with monetary benefits like advertisements look for the above services and generally these are single webpage consisting of basic features.

Many companies provide these services on free subscription basis as well, but in this form the number features accessible are limited and these services expire after a certain amount of time and money is made from advertising.

 Large web hosting services

This category of web hosting services is meant for bigger corporations, who have a strong footing in the industry and large reach in the market. A company of such scale would require much more complex website with multiple features.  The graphical enterprise, quality of content and resource requirement is high for such companies. Hosting on large-scale is complicated and can be further understood by the following terms involved:-

 Shared web hosting services

Shared web- hosting refers to many websites sharing the same servers, and other resources like processors, CPU’s and RAM’s. This type of hosting helps in increased revenue collection and optimum resource utilization.

 Managed hosting services

The client gets the server on subscription basis and controls the website through FTP or remote control systems, yet the client does not have total control over the server , it is managed by the service providing company and they give out subscriptions to various other clients.

This system can be better understood by magazine subscriptions, you subscribe to a magazine and get to own a copy, and there are many individuals like you with subscriptions, but you only own the magazine issues falling in your subscription period but not the whole magazine company, the managed hosting system functions in the same manner, one difference being you own the website and can monitor the content and other features on it.

 Clustered hosting

Clustered hosting services are one of the latest innovations in large scale hosting, and is the most preferred hosting method. In clustered hosting system single website of a client is managed by multiple servers located and various different physical locations.

The importance of this system can be better understood by an example, let's say a single server located at one specific location handles your website and due to some hardware malfunction, or disasters like the office holding the server burning down occurs.

This can lead to loss of the complete website along with its content and features, and as the server is destroyed you cannot retrieve it, whereas managing it through multiple servers makes it secure and recovery simple.

Advantages employing a web-hosting services company


The internet is full of web hosts which make it a difficult task for an individual or corporation to select the right personnel, this is where companies providing dedicated web-hosting services come into the picture, and they provide a client with trust and competence because they have a dedicated team catering to your specific demands in a professional manner.

 Zero maintenance cost and no overhead costs

Once you employ a web-hosting company for your needs, you just have to discuss the details of your website and payment schemes and that is where both your worries and expenditures end. You need not pay for the hardware or software the company has dedicated system for maintaining your website.

1 and 1 review is a way to study one of the pioneers of web-hosting services and still considered the leaders of this industry.  

The company was founded by CEO Robert Hoffmann in 1988. It has its presence in many developed countries like USA, Russia, Mexico, Germany and many more. Although web-hosting is their premier domain to fight-off competitors, 1 and 1 review shows they also provide various other services as follows:-

 Wordpress hosting



 Online marketing

1 and 1 is considered the top web-hosting provider because it provides the following feature:-

Cloud hosting

1 and 1 states the special cloud feature provided by the company, because cloud hosting is an integral part of web-hosting services. Cloud hosting reduces the cost and maintenance of physical machines as it helps to create virtual servers which reduce the dependency on physical computers.

Cloud hosting also provides per-second updates about the website or server used by the company which makes the process faster and efficient. 

Cloud hosting also promotes real-time resource allocation which prevent wastage of resources. Cloud hosting also provides real-time tracking of traffic on your website in a way which faster as compared to any existing tracking technologies.

100% superfast speed

The biggest complaint of web-hosting clients is slow server speed or frequently down servers incapable of handling sudden spike in traffic which causes customer dissatisfaction leading to lose of customers. 1and 1 review proudly says that this company is capable of providing full speed under all circumstances and bye-bye to losing your customer pool.

Offers given by the company

Another feature which the 1 and 1 review would like to showcase is the client friendly plans provided by the company.

 1 and 1 is the only company in web-hosting services which delivers unlimited services to the clients, at minimal prices of Rs.70 for the first month and afterwards a rate of around Rs.350-400 per month is charged from the client.

 In this age of inflation and fluctuating prices such minimal prices for any kind of service is unimaginable yet 1 and 1 delivers top-quality services at pocket-friendly prices


Another aspect of web hosting services is providing secure services for the clients; the website should be free from unwanted spam advertisements or any kind of virulent software or fraudulent advertisements. The biggest feature I would like to mention in my 1 and 1  is the high level of security they manage to provide for the websites they generate for their respective clients creating a safe and secure computing environment for customers and clients to connect with each other.

Microsoft 365 with special 1 and 1 features

This 1 and 1 review will be incomplete, if I fail to mention this special innovation provided by the company. You must have heard about Microsoft 365 which is a collection of special utility tools and softwares provided on subscription basis.

1 and 1 makes this software even more special by adding its own innovative features to it and providing users another level of productivity. Another add-on is you can use the subscription on not one but five devices along with 24/7 technical support by the 1 and 1 team along with the Microsoft team.

The final verdict from my side through this 1 and 1 review is, 1 and 1 is the perfect organization for any kind of business looking to make its presence on the online platform which looks into a clients interest first and later counts its profit.

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