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Updated on Jan. 07, 2023
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How to Get Vayama Coupon Code

Technology has invented ways in which the mankind will no longer have to do anything on their own and thus everything will be served ready. Now, internet is one of those inventions which have made most of the tasks simpler than before. Earlier one had to visit the actual booking centre for booking tickets or hotels or even checking the fares but nowadays one can do that sitting right at their comfort on the internet. There are numerous websites that will offer you with the details about the flights, their fares and bookings. One of those websites is Vayama and in this article we will discuss about its features and other details.

Important Details About Vayama You Must Know About

The Name Vayama speaks of determination towards the unique service they provide for experiencing Air Travel internationally. They were first introduced to the world in the year 2007, June in a minimised form but then they started their work in full force on the next February. Their work is dedicated towards serving the best in the field of travels and fares when it is about airlines. They are equipped with the best staff to give you the appropriate data about flight fares, bookings and also regarding the destinations that are suitable. They have detailed information about the most isolated flying areas too which makes it even a better choice for browsing.

Vayama is known to be working with partners from all over the globe which is a reason why they are also offering fares that are negotiated as well as the ones that are shown on other websites too. Apart from just the international air fares, one can also browse through different hotels and vehicle details available at their destination. Bookings can be further made which are under Vayama so one receives better deals and discounts. They will equip you with the best itinerary options in order to have the best from your tour. Vayama coupon code also is avaiable for  you.

Vayama's Tagline:

Vayama is promoting the statement, “International Travel Solved” as their very own tagline which describes the main concept of their website and services. They work for making your travel or business tour experience the best in terms of fares, services and bookings. Their aim is to get the best results when one searches for details related to international airlines which are generally not available on normal websites. They focus mainly on international airlines but the domestic services are also taken care of properly. This clearly does justice to their official tagline which is solving your headache about travelling.

Features of Vayama

There are several different things that we expect from a travel organising company or website since if they are doing the work for us then it must have some value. Now, Vayama will not disappoint you when we talk about their features since they are growing with every passing day from one continent to the other. You can also subscribe to their regular newsletter to have an update on them every now and then. Their top features are:

 Exciting Deals: The kind of deals offered by them to their subscribed customers is a shock since they will offer you deal and discounts almost every day once you sign up. They not only offer airline deals but also discounts related to hotel bookings and vehicle bookings. Vayama coupon code and promo code also can help you save more money. This is a great feature of Vayama.

 Rating: The rating on Vayama is A+ which is assigned to them by the “Better Business Bureau” situated in Santa Clara. Although they have received subsequent number of issues but they have been known to solve them smoothly and that made them receive such a rank amongst all the others.

 Customer Support: The kind of customer care a company provides makes or breaks the game for it on a different level. Vayama is known to have a 24*7 support for their customers that can be accessed through emails or a link provided in the official website.

 Check-In Facility: There have been times when you can’t seem to check-in prior to your flights time which is a very annoying issue. Now, with Vayama you have the facility to do the same just with a click on their main page. You will find a section that serves for the same beside the option “flights”.

Prices in Vayama:

The prices registered under Vayama are generally customised or lesser than the normal fares since one does not always have to travel after paying loads. With Vayama you can also subscribe and get mails every single day about trip details and discounts that can be availed for lesser prices to international destinations. So, staying in touch is the best option while you get to travel and travel for reasonable prices. Customers can use the Vayama coupon code, promo code to get a lower price than before.

Customer Service:

As we have already mentioned this prior in the features section one might wonder what is the need of including it again but it is important. Their customer support is phenomenal since they take it very seriously about how they serve their customers. They are known to reduce the fares for airlines which might cause some confusion but then it is generally solved by the support staff. The support staff is generally present 24*7 over the phone and online platform which makes it easier for the customers to stay in touch.

They have provided a link on their official website which helps a customer for forwarding their query to the officials. Vayama generally doesn’t have any tie-ups with the hotels or airlines in terms of customer support so they handle it themselves. Although after saying this we must include that they would charge you a lump sum amount if you ever want to cancel your bookings.

User Interface of Vayama:

The user interface of a particular website is very important since one will need to understand what they are looking at and then only they can access anything. The user interface is easy and very user friendly even for beginners trying to find a flight. The website shows a map which can be clicked and opened for further information. This map will help you in selecting the places you want to travel from and to with just a single click on it.

Once you click on a particular city or country, the different airports in that particular area will be visible to you. Now, you can select the particular airport you will be travelling from and to the destination airport. After this is done, you get to the part where all the details regarding the flights are shown along with the difference in prices and other details. You can then compare the prices and find the best one that suits you. After this step an itinerary is created for you which can be customised too which is another of the great options in the user interface. It is not necessary for you to be member of Vayama to book a flight from their website.


Apart from all the astonishing features and user interface abilities, Vayama also provides you with a tab that will give you information on the type of things you can expect at your destination. You will be able to get important information related to your travel and what you should carry with you to be completely ready for the tour.

Test on Vayama:

In order to have a completely justified review on the Vayama’s website, a test run was done for ensuring that it worked and delivered everything that they are claiming. Now, the test included testing its ability of achieving the results for the easiest to the hardest itinerary challenges. The results were varying for different cases and they were as follows:

 One way: When the trip is not that complicated or just a one way trip, Vayama has passed the test effectively and without any hassles after showing the customers a very cost-friendly itinerary. They have showed the cheapest options one can try which was a plus point.

 Slightly larger: Then came the larger slightly mixed trips from a destination to another and Vayama again shined but with a difference in this case i.e. the prices were not that cheap anymore. They were moderately close to other websites.

 Multi-Trip: This is a test where even Vayama shook a little bit since they could not come up with perfect itineraries or flight fares. They had faced issues with showing airports that were nearby or even in the same region.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Vayama: Now every website will have some of the both of these and that only makes them what they are. So, we will list down both of them.

Advantages of Vayama:

 Multi-Destination Trips: generally these travels booking websites fall short when it is about booking tickets to multiple destinations or stops. But Vayama is known for preparing itineraries that match your travel schedule in a way that you don’t even have to worry about it any further. You will receive detailed information about the different flights available, how their fares can be compared to the others and every other detail that might be necessary.

 Account Creation: It is not mandatory to have an account under them if you are going for a one time booking but it is recommended that if you are a frequent flyer or someone who needs to travel for business purposes once in a while then you should create an account. This account will not only help you get the best benefits but also be in touch with them always to receive the best Vayama coupon codes, deals and discounts. The account data also helps you manage, customise or fix issues related to your luggage, travel destination or even a finalised itinerary.

 Lower Rates: While you compare the rates for this website with other travel websites you will have a clear idea about how different they are. You might be astonished as to how they are providing you these rates but it is their customer policy despite having no tie-ups with the official airlines.

Disadvantages of Vayama:

 No Upgrades: Once you have finalised your booking and went through to purchasing your tickets you cannot go back or go ahead with any kind of upgrade. You need to be utterly careful while you are booking your seats otherwise you might face an issue.

 Booking Charges: There is an extra fee or charge that will be added under the “booking fee” section which is a huge disadvantage since after getting the discount you don’t expect any other charges.

 US dollars: It does not matter from where you are booking your tickets or where your destination lies. The fact that would matter is that you will be charged in US dollars and thus you need to prepare in that manner with your bank account.

Despite these disadvantages, we recommend that one must count the advantages and exciting features that they provide you with.

Payment Options for Vayama: These days websites are even accepting crypto currency let alone the other forms of payment but Vayama’s website is very specific about what they accept since all the payments are made in UD. So the modes are:

 American Express

Cancellation Policy for Vayama:

This is something very important since people must be clear about the consequences at all costs before they take up any kind of services from an unknown source. So, the cancellation services provided by Vayama’s are a bit complicated since they are not directly connected to the airlines.

Now, since they are not they do not charge the same amount so you directly deal with them. While they are charging you extra for booking a ticket, you will also be charged some dollars if you cancel your ticket. There is no time limit and thus no matter when you cancel the ticket you will be charged.

With all this being said, it is essential to note, they are providing you with a top notch service that is hardly available these days. You can always sign up for the premium packages to enjoy the maximum benefits. Also, you can use the Vayama coupon code to get an  especial saving.

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