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Updated on Jan. 09, 2023
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Kindly remind: All NameCheap promo codes, coupon codes, and coupons we offer here are carefully and manually selected for you. To get a trustworthy hosting service at the very affordable price, here is a right place to get started. To know more about the NameCheap, continue reading as followed.

What is NameCheap?

We are all aware of the hundreds of sites on the internet that allow you to create a unique name to your website and give it a designation, NameCheap is one among them which helps you create your web page or website a professional presence in no time at all. And another interesting thing about NameCheap is that it provides for web hosting. NameCheap enlists this as one of the unique features a company can provide.

When one reads the title saying NameCheap, it's obvious for them to expect something reasonably priced. And that's exactly provided here, the web hosting services are really cheap. Once you enter the site, you are seriously excited by the headline that reads about the reliable and secure high-performance web hosting that starts from just $10 per year.

The first year prices of NameCheap were really cheap with about 75% discounts, also the renewal prices were very close to the competition of the budget in the market. NameCheap promo code, coupon code can help you generate more savings. It also offers its customers with many value-added packages which help them to efficiently cater for the clients' needs. They also provide great customer services to all their clients.

Get cost-efficient web hosting with NameCheap:

The Value plan at the baseline is $10 for the first year and $39 for the following year. This price will give you a hard disk space of 20GB, also an unlimited bandwidth and mark ably up to three websites and nearly fifty sub domains. You are also given fifty MySQL databases, installation of WordPress with a single click, and many other applications.

Unfortunately for huge requirements, NameCheap provides for only upto 50 email accounts, which is mostly enough for users with average businesses. You are also provided a free domain with .name extension. But any other requirement is charged.

NameCheap has some of the good prices in the industry. They offer very effective and cost-efficient web hosting. Like many of its major competitors, NameCheap provides very cheap starting price, which attracts bloggers and other casual hobbyists.

Also the professional plan that is nearly $20 for first year and $79 after the first year, very well suits for the online marketers who would generally want to test the environment and get acquainted with the challenges before they are in for the actual huge project. Besides that,

More You Need to Know About NameCheap:

The company being founded in 2001 was followed by many webmasters all over the globe. They have also released 4 solutions to WordPress hosting, so that the customers are availed with the facility of choosing the appropriate version, basing on their preference:

 Business SSD

The payments to these can be done either via credit card transactions or PayPal. This implies that the process of payment is very secure and convenient at any time. This is one of the friendliest points people mention about, in the NameCheap Reviews

But the provider only provides for 14 day money back which lacks any competitiveness when compared with other web hosting sites.

Types of hosting provided by NameCheap:

 Hosting for Linux
 Hosting for Windows

Reputation of NameCheap:

Since its arrival into the market in 2000, NameSpace has been growing as one of the most reputed companies providing effective web hosting services.

NameCheap is specifically known for its renowned Linux hosting. NameCheap Reviews talk well about the great customer service provided and its high economic packages. The company though, hasn’t made any remarkable name for itself in the industry for its performance.

Features of NameCheap:

NameCheap Reviews speak highly of few of the great features of NameCheap, as listed:

 Free domains are offered to the users, along with a dynamic DNS

 It provides the Softculous Script installer that enables the installation of 200 scripts by the user, such as osCommerce, WordPress, Joomla, etc.

 Unlimited bandwidth is provided.

 Based upon the hosting plan, the disk space, the number of domains, and the supporting languages vary.

 Each of the hosting plans comes with cPanel, which is industry-leading and one of the easiest to use control panels and the center of control for the customer's accounts, which allows them to create and maintain their emails, MySQL databases, FTP, applications and more with very less effort possible.

 It enables unlimited data transfer every month and also parked domains.

 SSH feature is provided for the remote management security of every hosting plan.

 The environment is customized and has a good layout

 Provides backup access and management

 It has addon and subdomain management

 Domain redirects are also possible

Online Support provided by NameCheap:

There are various ways by which the team of technicians and technologists interact with their users and clients online, that is:

 Live Support
 Email Support
 Trouble Ticket
 Phone Support

Compatibility of NameCheap:

To host WordPress, the minimal requirements are PHP 5.2.4 or any version higher and MySQL 5.0 or newer version regularly. Regardlessly, for WordPress 3.1, the requirements are PHP 4.3 and MySQL 4.1.2. The official site of the company has a specified list of features which provide PHP 7.1 and MySQL 5.x.x. This is the reason why their hosting package for WordPress is completely compatible. Also, to provide greater security to hosted websites, PHP is run as suPHP.

NameCheap's Uptime:

A web host uptime can be explained as the total amount of uninterrupted time which a hosting system usually experiences. Though the ideal uptime is 100%, achieving it in real time practically is an almost impossible task. Uptime is generally calculated depending upon the availability of the server in the considered number of hours, in the given time period.

Monitored round the clock, for 365 days, NameCheap has a very good uptime of 99.86% which is very appreciable. And, people who give the NameCheap Reviews never forget to appreciate this part!

Various Plans Offered by NameCheap:

NameCheap offers various plans and few of the very popular services that they provide in the market of domain hosting are:

 Domain Registration: When people across the globe visit you website, the first thing they see is your domain name. Hence, as professional web user, it is very necessary for you to get your site identified and secured. The only option for that is, getting your site registered with a unique domain name.

And NameCheap provides the web page holders with introductory prices that are just low as 88 cents for the year you join them. But, the introductory options are not very famous ones like the .com or the .net, but they are any of the .info, .club, .pro, .men, etc.

Few of them have the introductory price as the annual renewal price. Premium domains like .com have higher introductory prices and you can maintain a lesser annual rate if you choose a multi-year sign up contract.

 Personal Domain: To brand yourself, your ideas or your business, internet is one of the cheapest, easiest and the quickest methods. You can use information and technology, and digitally market anything that can be accessed from anywhere on the earth.

And one of the best ways for this is creating your own website. And if you have a personal domain, sending and receiving emails is possible from a personalized domain email. This gives a very professional appearance to your contacts, increases your reputation and visibility in the market.

This is one of the most essential things to do if you want to develop your business or blog and to market it.

 Domain Transfer: If you wish to bring your domain to NameCheap, you can get it done with simple steps, for the NameCheap team has made it enough easy. You just have to check if there is any domain eligibility and availability in their search database.

If there is an availability, you just have to give further information and details, and then click on the confirm button. You can even find some specific guides on how you can transfer your domain to NameCheap from any other of their competitors.

Account Management of NameCheap:

Anytime we try a new product, it's a common experience for us to be quite daunty and excited. Essentially, once we sign up for a hosting plan, we immediately sign our credentials and are able to access the guided tutorial or log in directly to our dashboard. NameCheap also does the same. They greet you with a welcome email and ask if you would like any tutorial or you would want to get on with your dashboard.

The process of NameCheap purchase starts with purchasing a domain name with any of the methods mentioned earlier. To create an account, you will need to give your contact name and details. Once done, clear purchase details are displayed on the page, and some free online tutorial links are shown. And when you are ready, you are all set to create your website!

NameCheap Company Brand and Values:

Being independent and privately owned, NameCheap is a rare company where almost all the companies nearly own all the hosting brands. The team defines their own brand values are very transparent in the digital industry that is notoriously confusing.

NameCheap has constantly been donating for the Internet freedom and net neutrality. The NameCheap company is also very open about their services and have an expandable list of the features they host. All these characteristics make it a trustworthy web host and counts a lot for choosing to make business with. NameCheap has a great role in bringing this name and value to the company, as they add up to the global talk.

Data Centers and Performance:

NameCheap operates at various places in the United Nations and the United Kingdom. One gets to choose a data center from the above, while they take a domain for the first time. Each of these data centers are equipped with a large number of servers, UPS, systems for climate control and diesel generators.

Professional technicians monitor these centers round the clock, thus if any issue arises, they solve these shortcomings in no time so it’s ensured that the clients can run their websites without any interruptions.

They also provide a huge knowledge base, which is organised neatly into sensible categories and has all the solutions to basic troubleshoots and frequent questions that the customers usually pose to the engineers.

Their service page also gives you the up-to-date information about any huge issues or expert-level problems. The server speed was also appreciable, and this makes the company quite a worthy web hosting company in the NameCheap Reviews.

Advantages of NameCheap:

Few NameCheap Reviews point out the best features and the advantages of this company, few of which are:

 It has a very affordable and reasonable pricing

 A great customer service is provided. They have an excellent set of features that enable them to interact and communicate with their clients in a quick and reliable way. They have a good collection of YouTube videos that help you through some common issues in the process.

 They have a very friendly and easy to use interface on their official site. It is very simple to navigate through the page and they don’t probe you with the ads that you are not interested in, like most other sites. They have an intuitive domain to manage the domain names with ease.

 NameCheap has high security standards, and never was their site hacked even once. This is a great thing which not many top hosting sites can declare. Their privacy plans include the protection for hosting also, which saves you from buying a feature from outside.

 They accept bit coin

 A wide range of features are provided per plan

 Their uptime guarantee is consistent

Disadvantages of NameCheap:

NameCheap also, like any other site, has some drawbacks as specified in some NameCheap Reviews. Some of them are:

 For short term domain hosting, there are better hosting service providers, because NameCheap is not the cheapest short term solution.

 One of the biggest drawbacks of NameCheap is their lack of phone support. Though their live chats are exceedingly great, few people feel it easy to communicate over phone, and to such people, NameCheap is quite disappointing

 They have very infrequent backups which may result in loss of data

 There are plan limitations

 Very limited web space is available, and less number of email addresses

The Final Word:

The NameCheap Reviews from various sources will tell you that this company is a solid and a dependable domain name provider and a decent web host. They are excellent at their customer service and also provide a very easy to use and a groomed domain manager. They provide you good security and thus give the protection that is needed to safeguard your domain.

The company may not have as many specifications and specialist plans like some other web hosts, but for someone searching for a general purpose web host, with some talent of handling the site-building tasks by themselves, it is a very good option.

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