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Updated on Jan. 11, 2023
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Everything About The Medifast Weight Loss Plan

A weight loss journey is quite a tough one. People are often frustrated with the extra weight that they carry. But they never seem to know a way out of it. The market is filled with fad diets that claim to help people in losing the weight. But most of them are restricting, and the person goes back to their old self in some days.

Most people will like a plan that will be easy for them to follow. This is especially needed in the hectic lifestyle of today's generation. Among all the claims of other companies, there is Medifast which has been helping overweight and obese people for a long time. This review about the service will help people in knowing it in a much better way.

What is Medifast?

Medifast is a service based company that provides weight loss plan to their customers. They have a lean diet system where they provide most of the day’s meal to their customers. They vouch that any person on a diet loses only their fat. This means that by eating the specified pre-packaged meal, the customer can see changes quite soon. The main working of the plan is my meal replacement of the customer.

The company has been in the market from 1980 and was designed by William Vitale. These days people can choose a plan from their website and they provide them will all the need food. Medifast also believes in eating six meals a day as it reduces the hunger causing hormones. They also provide all the basic education that a person will need to follow the food plan correctly.

The Types of Meal Plans from Medifast

Medifast provides healthy foods to their customers so that they do not have to make everything from scratch. They have over 65 varieties of meals and snacks that they have made intricately. Currently, they have two weight loss plans:

 The Go plan is perfect for people who have a busy schedule. Medifast provides them with 5 Medifast meals for a day. Along with that they are also supposed to have a lean and green meal. Medifast provides all the information that a customer needs about following the diet and also about making their lean and green meal. The results are quite fast according to Medifast.

 The Flex plan is great for people who have a little time on their hand. Medifast provides them with four meals and a healthy snack. Along with that, the person will need to have a lean and green lunch and dinner. The weight loss is more gradual in this plan.

 The Thrive plan is perfect for people who have lost weight on Medifast. It helps them lead a healthy and long life. Medifast provides them with three meals a day. Along with that, they can also have two lean and green meals and one balanced meal. Medifast also provides the education for maintaining their weight loss.

 People who have diseases like diabetes can call up Medifast for a tailored weight loss meal plan. Even people who have certain intolerances to food can avail the benefits.

How Does Medifast Work?

When people are on the Medifast diet, they will be following a routine. The meals have been devised by doctors and nutritionists who have worked closely with weight loss. The nutrition in the foods is rich, and they are low calorie as well. People do not fret about having to make breakfast when they wake up.

The weight loss will be consistent when someone follows the diet strictly. Medifast also has taken the help of scientific reasoning to make their meal plan. Rather than cutting down the portion size drastically, they have taken the help of 6 small meals. People have the meals at an interval of 2-3 hours, and they feel full for a longer period. Also, there are plenty of options to choose from.

They have savory and sweet snacks that people can enjoy. The small meals help in curbing the appetite to a greater extent. The plan is simple and easy to prepare. Medifast takes care to explain everything to their customers. Also, the plan has been approved by professionals who make it a great way to lose weight. One can also take several supports from professional during their weight loss journey. Being motivated to lose weight is easier on Medifast than other diets.

What are the Medifast Meals Made of?

If someone is putting something in their body, they must know its composition. Medifast makes it clear to their customers about everything that they utilize in their meals. All the nutrition info is provided along with the meal. Their main focus is on drinks, snacks, and entrees for a healthy diet.

The calories in the meals are quite limited, and most of them are around 100 calories. They do have some key ingredients in all their food that help on adequate weight loss. They also make sure to list things like dairy and soy when it is used in one of the meals. Some of their common ingredients are:

 Soy Protein Isolate is the extraction that we get from defatted soy flour. It is often used in Medifast's shakes, cereals and protein bars. It is lean which makes it the perfect addition to the Medifast diet. It helps in providing the needed food for the muscles of the body and also protects muscle loss. It has lots of nutrients and keeps the person full for longer periods of time.

 Whey Protein Concentrate is another key ingredient in the Medifast meals. The percentage of lean protein in this product is quite high. It helps in keeping the muscles in good shape and also helps in the building of new muscles. As the ingredient is fiber-rich, it also curbs the appetite of the person. It has been proven that whey protein helps in weight loss.

 Vitamins and Minerals: Medifast makes sure that their customers are healthy when they are on a diet. The ingredients they use are good and along with that helpful Vitamin and Minerals are added to the meals. Some of them are Vitamin B12, Calcium Phosphate, copper sulfate and many others.

 Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners: These are used quite a bit in their bars and shakes. It makes the meals savory. They do keep everything under 110 calories so that it doesn’t hinder anybody’s health. Diabetic people can always call up for the customized meal plan. The dessert should, of course, be kept in moderation.

What can one have as the lean and green meal?

Medifast is very strict about anything that one will put in their body while following the weight loss plan. The website has all information regarding the lean and green meals. They have made lists of lean meats according to their fat and protein content. It helps the customers in picking out a healthy meal. They are allowed to have about 5-7 ounces of lean protein in their meal.

They recommend meats from chicken, turkey, fish, game, and eggs. The vegetable that goes along with the protein has to be nutritionally dense. They recommend their customers to stay away from starchy vegetables like potatoes and yams. Customers can follow their shopping guide to make their lean and green meal.

The lean and green meal is higher in calories than the pre-packaged meals. Vegetarians can choose to have a list of lean proteins that are based on plants. They also allow two servings of healthy fat on the lean and green meals. The fat can come from canola oil, olive oil, and low-calorie dressings.

To help busy people they have created foods called Flavour of Home. The meals are available in this option help people with their lean and green meal. Medifast has several options like Beef Stew, Ginger Lemongrass chicken, and many others to help people. They can be microwaved and are perfect for people who want to stick to the diet.

The Price of their Weight loss Kits

The price of a meal replacement food plan is often a concern for people. Most of them lean towards fast food and unhealthy options as they are affordable and can be consumed in an instant. Yes, Medifast is more expensive than the common fast foods. But Medifast help people in losing the weight that causes several other problems. Both the Go and Flex options can be bought according to one's choice.

The Go plans have 154 meals whereas the Flex plans have 138 meals. The price of the 30 days Go meal is $429, and that of the Flex meal is $460. There are also tonnes of gifts that one gets with their meal plan. One can also get a 14 day trial of both the Go and Flex to start out their Medifast journey.

The plans also come with cookbooks and other guidelines to follow their diet accordingly. There are gluten-free options for the meals as well. People who want a special meal plan need can always call the company up.

How can one start on the Medifast Diet?

Like any other diet, one has to be determined to follow the meal plan diligently. People can go to the official site of Medifast to read everything about them. They have a transparent policy of showing the price, ingredients and nutritional info regarding all their food. After checking out the prices and different meal plans, they can finalize on one.

They can add that plan to their cart and then pay for the subscription. In due time, the package containing all the delicious meals will be delivered to their homes. This is very easy as there are no complications regarding the plan. People who will need special attention can call them up to get desired results.

Does the Medifast Diet help in Weight loss?

Medifast diet is a meal replacement diet, and so it is quite easy to lose weight on a diet. If someone follows the diet diligently and doesn’t cheat them, they will lose weight. Studies have shown that the Medifast diet is quite effective for weight loss. It is valid for any amount of weight loss. Several low-calorie meals throughout the day help in keeping the person satiated.

When a person follows the diet along with physical exercise, it becomes more beneficial. Medifast makes sure that people have realistic expectations. The weight loss is more in the first few weeks, but after that, the weight comes off gradually. So, it is upon the person to follow the diet adequately.

Medifast is quite confident in their meal plan. They have a 30-day money back guarantee for people who didn’t lose weight on the meal plan. The meal plan and ready-made food make it easier for several people who are used to eating out. People can use the guides and tools available on the site to make their diet even better. It does of course help in losing the weigh.

But it will be up on the customer to maintain the weight after weight loss. They can take the help of their Thrive program to be at a healthy weight throughout their life. But studies have also shown that people maintain their weight loss better if done on the Medifast diet.

Final Thoughts on Medifast

The Medifast diet has been there from a long time, and it has evolved through the year. It is one of the most sustainable weight loss programs for busy people. The nutrition and plan are healthy, and it provides the adequate requirements of a person. Also, they have enough literature available for every one of their customers. Their diverse meals, different meal plans, and easy service are plus points of the company.

The only thing that is a little drawback is their use of sugar. But they have phenomenal customer service and weight loss success stories. One can search through the internet to see the fabulous people who have lost weight by being on the Medifast diet.

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