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Updated on Jan. 11, 2023
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An increasing number of companies are being founded online and rising through the ranks rapidly. But are all those companies equally worthy of your trust? Should you be putting your money into them? We will try to critically assess the performance of such companies and provide a well formed opinion to you.

One of such online companies that have shown rapid growth since its conception is AliExpress. It is owned by the Alibaba Group and is an e-commerce company. It was launched in 2010 and is based out of Hangzhou in China.

Our AliExpress review will take into all account all factors that might have an effect on the company's performance and present it all, leaving you to form your own decision.

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Online Markets and Internet Based Companies: AliExpress Review

AliExpress differs from its competitors in the manner that it conducts its business. It is an online platform on which one can find almost any good that one is looking for but it also user based.

One can easily create one's own account and use it as a platform for selling his or her products. It can be used both by individuals and by companies. It provides an online market for those who face difficulties in locating or paying for a market either on their own or online.

This AliExpress review will however like to point out one singular fact that stood out. This website based company does not allow its users in its home country of China to but from its sellers. That is to say that even though most of the sellers on this site are from China, it does not allow its own people to buy from its website.

Alibaba is using this website based company to reach out across the world and rake the competition to other online market giants. It has opened up for trade with America and Europe and is trying to rope in as many users as it can. It is basically a website that gives access to users to use it as a host for selling their product.

It is a consumer-to-consumer website in that regard, though it did not start out that way. In its initial days it was a business-to-business website that connected sellers to sellers directly.

But in order to expand its reach outside Asia, it has opened up its platform for users from all strata of life. It now works as a platform that can be used for selling products from the seller to the buyer or even between two consumers too.

So far, AliExpress has helped Alibaba to expand its reach outside the Asian continent and make a foothold in foreign markets that can be used to further cement its growth there. AliExpress has played a huge role in Alibaba becoming the sixth largest company the world over for an internet based business.

This AliExpress review also came across the fact that previously it was limited to only sellers from its home country of China. Only they were allowed to sell their products on this platform and that too to consumers from outside the country. This struck us as quite an unorthodox approach but the website has since then opened up.

Merits of AliExpress:

Our AliExpress review would like to list certain benefits of buying from this site:

 Cheap prices: AliExpress coupons and promo codes can save you much money. It is what almost any online shopper searches for whenever he or she decides to buy their products online. It is the greatest attraction. You get to save money that you can employ at some other place or even use to buy more products from the same websites. This low price situation can be because of two reasons.

The first one being that one gets to buy the goods directly from the seller and this rule out any middleman charges that might drive the prices up. The second reason being the fact that the cost that is paid to the labourers that is paid to them in China is significantly lower than what is being paid to them around the globe. This factor also drives down the prices.

 Wide variety: The consumer or prospective buyer can get access to a very wide variety of goods that he or she can then choose from. This opens up a very wide market of products that can then guarantee that the consumer does get to pick his or her preferred item that they could not have gained access to otherwise. This also ensures that people from all around the world do get various new ideas too about the products that they could be building for themselves and that they can sell in their own markets too.

 Large market access: Websites like this one that we write about in our AliExpress review offers the sellers and producers worldwide an open market that they would not have gained access to otherwise. This promotes trade and economical well being of the seller. He might have to take this online option because of any number of reasons.

The top reasons often being the lack of resources to reach out to an actual market to lack of economical support to hire the services of a paid online store. This way they can manage their own goods and do not have to pay ton any middleman.

 Drawbacks of AliExpress:

However, like with everything. AliExpress has its demerits too. We would like to report some drawbacks that we discovered while writing this AliExpress review. They are as follows:

 Fraudulent products: The greatest risk that we as buyers of online products face is the risk of fraud. We might be shown the picture on one product online and may get to find out that we are relieving completely different product when it gets delivered to us at our home.

Being a prepaid service, there is nothing that we can do to avoid this and thus, some end up being duped for second grade products. There are not many precautions that we can take to safeguard against this risk.

 Risk to privacy: Another major threat that we face online is the risk to our private information getting leaked out to sellers worldwide. Many people shop online using their credit cards, this exposes them to threats that these sites carry. If one's credit card information gets leaked then one can easily lose all their money without even getting the time to address this issue.

Such sites are often not completely secure and it has often been reported that someone or the other has fallen prey to such an act of online fraud. Thus, precautions need to be taken.

 Long delivery time: As AliExpress is a website based in China, it often takes long delivery time to supply its products. It has been reported online that products sometimes take as long as forty to fifty days in reaching its buyer. It is not a safety threat though, but looking at this issue from a point of the convenience of the buyer, if does present a problem.

Sometimes there is an urgent need for the good that might not get addressed in the available time. Sometimes, the buyer might have forgotten about it and may have ordered the same thing form another website.  Such are the problems that a long delivery time presents.

In this AliExpress review, we would also like to suggest you ways to keep your transactions safe while using this service. They are follows:

 Carefully checking your order on receiving it: The most you can do after you have ordered your product is to wait for its delivery and inspect it thoroughly on its delivery. If you are not satisfied with its quality you can and you should return it to its seller and either order a refund or demand that you get the product that you ordered online. There are not many options left for you once you have purchased your product but there is still something that you can do when the product gets delivered.

 Always check the feedback of the seller before you buy: Before you buy the product from the seller, you should always take some time to read about the history of the seller online. Other users might have ordered products from the same supplier and might have had a good or a bad experience. This will help you in deciding for yourself that should you or should you not be buying from the aforementioned seller.

This should become your practice before you decide to buy from a seller you don't know or a seller with whom you have never had done business before. This will safeguard you against certain threats.

 Don't go for the product it is priced too low: Some product images are meant to fool you into buying goods that do not appear as they are shown. This article about AliExpress review would like to warn you specifically not to go for products that offer a discount that is too big to be actually possible or if they make you believe that it is a steal at this low a price. It probably is a scam and you would do well to stay away from certain type of sellers.

With the boom in number on online sellers, the number of people who are trying to dupe you into buying goods that are not what they advertise them to be has also gone up. Thus, you would do well if you take the precautions that are being mentioned in this article and should have a safe online shopping experience.

AliExpress: To buy or not to buy?

As long as you take measures to safeguard yourself against online threats that have been mentioned in this comprehensive AliExpress review, you should do fairly well to shop from this website. Another thing that this article would like to clearly state is that no online market is free from threats but we choose to buy from one which offers the least number of problems for the buyer.

AliExpreess has been doing reasonably well in the recent few years and continues to show progress even in face of several online complaints that have been lodged in the recent times. These complaints talk about faulty products, false online images and fraudulent online practices that have duped the consumer of their money by charging for products that they did not order or for deducting money from their account even when no purchase has been made.

In conclusion, this article about AliExpress review will only advise the readers to be safe while they are shopping online for their products and stick to well informed and well reviewed sellers that have a history of credible sales to credit. Only then can we be safeguarded against the threat of online fraud and can continue to have an enjoyable experience that we look for whenever we do online shopping.

The number of threats that we are facing online increases everyday and the most valued currency that we have for ourselves nowadays is our privacy. It is how much we desire to share with a particular website that decides what our preference is. And those that offer better online security are the ones that we prefer over the rest.

Final Verdict:

In putting it into words, AliExpress is just like any other online website that has popped up in the last decade. It shows tremendous growth potential; it has a good backing and is rapidly growing. But at the same time, it is not free from hassles; it has also had its history with fraud. It has although addressed those issues and continues to solve its users problems but they are not completely resolved.

Any user that plans to use this online platform for his or her business or consumption purpose would do well if they stick to the advices that have been given in this article and avoid taking unnecessary online risks. Apart from that, every reader is entitled to his or her own discretion.

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