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Sony Semiconductor Launches LYTIA, a New Brand for Mobile Phone Image Sensors

Sony Semiconductor Launches LYTIA, a New Brand for Mobile Phone Image Sensors
On November 7, Sony Semiconductor Solutions Group officially launched a new brand of cell phone image sensors, “Light Metaphor” LYTIA, with the aim of achieving an image creation experience beyond the previous ones through its advanced cell phone image sensors. LYTIA aims to optimize the cell phone shooting experience from three aspects: “image,” “perception” and “intelligence. Sony said it created the “Light Metaphor” brand to communicate the worldview and value of Sony’s mobile image sensors in a more understandable way, and that “Light Metaphor” will enable high quality photo and video capture through a variety of technologies and is dedicated to building a future where every user can enjoy creativity.

Musk Announces Twitter Ban on Unmarked Parody Accounts
On November 7, Musk announced that all Twitter accounts impersonating others that are not labeled as “parodies” will be permanently banned. Two hours after the announcement, comedians such as Sarah Silverman and Kathy Griffin, who had changed their verified account avatars and names to Elon Musk for parodies, said they had received temporary banning notices. Elon Musk further explained in a tweet that the rule is to prevent “malicious spoofing.

It’s also worth noting that an Elon Musk parody account that was explicitly labeled “parody” and had 2.3 million followers was also banned at the same time.

Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales game is back online
Recently, Netflix has relaunched the elimination game “Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales”. The game is now available to play with characters from season 4 episodes, and new gameplay has been added. Previously, the game debuted on the App Store and Google Play in 2021, but was taken down when the game’s developer was acquired by Netflix. When it was relaunched, the game was significantly retooled and officially switched to Netflix members only. In addition, Netflix says it is developing a VR game based on the Stranger Things worldview, which is expected to hit mainstream platforms in 2023

The company’s newest product, the Xiaomi 13 Pro, has been released by OnLeaks and Zoutons as a set of HD renders. In addition, the former also revealed that the Xiaomi 13 Pro is scheduled to be officially released on December 30.

Today, 9to5Mac discovered that Apple is working internally on iOS 16.1.1 and plans to fix a bug in its advertising framework SKAdNetwork in that release.






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