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Updated on May. 05, 2016
70% off

6PM offers Layla Magneffect Nail Polish Fragrance coupon: $4.99 now with a big deal and free shipping. Layla® Magneffect Nail Polish is a revolutionary blend formulated to react to the magnet on the cap, creating instant, three-dimensional designs in seconds. Simply apply a coat, flip over the cap with the magnet and hold over the nail as close as possible without touching for 10 seconds. See the design appear right before your eyes! Can be used on natural and acrylic nails. Quick drying with a high-gloss finish. More colors are available.

70% Discount

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Brand:Layla Comestics

Color:Gunmetal, Changing Lilac,Blue Grey Flow, Turquoise Wave, Purple Rain, Golden Nugget, Metallic Sky, Velvet Groove, Golden Bronze,  Brown Sugar, Silver Galaxy, Black Metal


Layla Comestics

LAYLA® Cosmetics is an Italian company based in Milan, the capital of fashion, and was the first to introduce nail polish in Italy. Now, the company features a wide range of nail polishes and makeup products. LAYLA Cosmetics can satisfy the nail polish needs and desires of every woman, from the sophisticated business woman to the young, artsy college student. 

LAYLA Cosmetics is also one of the first brands to create magnetic nail polish. Their revolutionary Magneffect Nail Polish was formulated to react to the magnet on its cap, creating instant, three-dimensional designs in seconds. The quick drying, high-shine finish requires no base coat, and is easily removed with nail-polish remover. Basically, LAYLA Cosmetics created imaginative fun in a bottle. 

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