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UninstallService 2023 Supercharged with Improved Removal Capability for 10,000 New Apps

UninstallService is the award-winning app removal solution recommended by pro desktop users and professionals. The new UninstallService 2023 is just released with removal capability for over 10,000 newly-released apps, some of which are included as below.

Mirror for Chromecast
Mirror your Mac to any Chromecast screen application. No wires, no additional hardware required! You can also transfer individual video files from your Mac computer to your TV. Plus, we give you the option to set up multi-screen projection (TV and computer screens displaying different content). This works with Chromecast smart TVs.

With this app, there is a delay of a few seconds (usually between 1 and 3). So this mirroring is not suitable for gaming.

However, it is great for watching movies, presentations, viewing photos, and more!

-Better yet, connect your TV to the LAN cable of your router.
-Use the “ac” router. If you don’t have one, then use an “n” router.
-When you are projecting, do not try to overload your wifi network by moving large files.

How this app works.
First, make sure your Chromecast TV and your Mac computer are under the same LAN subnet. The TV should not be set in mirroring mode, turn the TV’s input signal to “TV” or “HDMI In (HDMI IN)” mode.

After launching the application, you will see the program icon appear at the top of your Mac screen and the application will search for all available TV devices on your local network. Once the program finds available devices, they will be displayed on your computer screen and you can choose from the following two modes.

Mirror your Mac screen
Using this option will play your Mac screen to the TV in real time. In the source, you can select the screen (or additional monitor) you want to play on the TV. If you have multiple other applications running on your Mac at the same time, you can also choose to play only that application’s screen on your TV.

Turn on sound
Check here to hear if you can hear the sound playing from your Mac computer on your TV. You will need to download and install additional audio driver software.

Play video files
If you already have a video file on your Mac that you want to play, drag this video file into the box and the video will automatically play on your TV.

Settings (small icon at the bottom right of the program): Click here to contact our 24-hour technical support team. We will usually answer any questions or queries you may have within 2 hours. If you need technical help, please include the program’s diagnostic information in your message.

Mirror for Android TV
Mirror for Android TV is an Android smart TV image placement software for Mac system, through which users can place images from Mac computers on Android smart TV. When using Mirror for Android TV software, your Mac computer and Android Smart TV need to be on the same LAN environment. Mirror for Android TV supports any Android TV and TVs running Android system.

How the application works
After launching the application, you will see the application’s icon appear in the menu bar on your Mac. Click on the icon and you will see a list of options.

Here, we scan your home network for connected Panasonic Smart TVs. When a TV station finds your Mac on the same network, its listing will be here. Launch Mirror and select the TV from the list.

At the display, you will see all your screens. Or for your Mac, the main screen, when you have another monitor connected, you will see the screens as well. Please select the screen you want to mirror on your Panasonic TV.

Enable Audio: You can choose whether you want to hear the audio on your Mac or through your Samsung TV speakers.

Network Quality
When you experience performance problems with the application, it may be due to your local network not coping with the video data we send from your Mac to your TV. You can choose a smaller quality network and try again.

UninstallService 2023 is available for all UninstallService users to upgrade at no cost. If you’re a member of UninstallService, you can get the lifetime deal on, one of the most cost-effective app removal tool you can find.






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