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Total Uninstaller 2023 Review: Is Total Uninstaller a Scam or Legit

Is Total Uninstaller a Scam or Legit? Total Uninstaller has been the go-to Windows uninstaller for our editors in It is one of the most essential tools we think that every PC user should have. In this post, we’ll test it by uninstalling these apps and find out whether it really works as promised.


foobar2000 is a revolutionary advanced audio player written by Peter Pawlowski, who used to write plugins specifically for Winamp. foobar2000 emerged because it was dissatisfied with the Winamp 2.x plug-in architecture and the more graphical, skinned direction of Winamp3. What makes foobar2000 worthy of attention is its good architecture. All the functional parts of the player are modular, except for the important audio pipeline. According to many professional tests, foobar is unique among all media software in terms of noise reduction, which is not comparable to other music players. According to the professionals: in the test of using Foobar2000 and Windows Media Player to play the same music, it is obvious that the Windows meida player will play with a faint recording sound, while foobar will not appear similar situation. Among all media software foobar2000 is an expert music playback decoder for professional and perfect sound quality. The visualization core is provided by a plug-in, even if a different interface is used. foobar2000 is positioned as a professional digital audio playback tool, which is more technically oriented. So it involves a lot of professional digital audio knowledge in the process of using it, and ordinary users are often at a loss for it.

After testing: Total Uninstaller performs the app removal job to remove the app foobar2000 completely.


Billfish is a free stock photo management tool that helps you manage your design materials quickly and easily, so you can spend more time focusing on the design itself.Billfish can solve all kinds of problems in organizing stock photos and meet your needs in stock photo management. It’s a great way to organize your images and inspirations in a fast way, so you can collect the images you want anytime, anywhere. It’s also a great way to organize your images when you’re faced with a cluttered collection of images that has accumulated over time. When you need to use the material, the powerful search ability allows you to find the image quickly. In addition to keyword search, Billfish also provides a variety of filtering tools, such as color filtering, format, size and many other ways.

After testing: Total Uninstaller performs the app removal job to remove the app Billfish completely.


Fastcopy is a Windows copy file enhancement tool. It can provide Windows file copying speed many times. All copying operations are done through the steps “read data from media (hard disk) → write data → read from cache → write data to media (hard disk)”, and these steps are performed by multiple threads at the same time, if the collaboration between threads is not perfect, the speed will be greatly reduced, some threads are busy Some threads are busy and some have to wait, FASTCOPY optimizes the order of work between them and greatly increases the speed.

After testing: Total Uninstaller performs the app removal job to remove the app Fastcopy completely.

4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader is a software tool designed to help you download HD videos from different video sites (courtesy of Extreme Download), this application offers users the possibility to save videos to FLV, MP4, MKV or 3GP. It has an intuitive, neat layout that allows the user to perform several operations anytime and anywhere. You can paste the URL directly into the main panel and choose the video quality according to its stream type. In addition, it is possible to make the program extract audio from video files and then you can choose the output format and destination. You can save audio files in the following file formats: MP3, M4A or OGG. 4k Video Downloader offers a smart mode that helps you to rip video files in the easiest way. You need to select the file format, quality and output destination. Once you have configured the parameters, the application can apply the settings to all the downloaded content. The application manages to download the entire playlist or you can rip the selected video. It also provides an estimate of the time needed to complete the job and at the end of the download process you can view detailed information about the size, file format and length of the video file.

After testing: Total Uninstaller performs the app removal job to remove the app 4K Video Downloader completely.


Emurasoft Text Editor is a powerful and very useful text editor! It starts up fast and can completely replace the notepad that comes with Windows, and is good enough for daily text editing. It has good Unicode support and also supports syntax highlighting for more than 20 programming languages. The variety of syntaxes supported can be continuously expanded. The ability to select text blocks (by pressing ALT and dragging the mouse) is available. This professional version, with enhanced program editing functions, makes it more suitable for programmers to edit and modify individual program code. Allows unlimited undo and redo. Supports highlighting of multiple programming languages (can be used as a simple IDE).

After testing: Total Uninstaller performs the app removal job to remove the app EmEditor completely.

In conclusion, Total Uninstaller offers the best-in-class removal capability and the most value-to-price ratio, allowing you to receive lifetime updates, major updates and tech support at no cost. For more info, please visit the official site: or join the comment section if any question.






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