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Steam: More than 10 million concurrent players online at the same time

Steam: More than 10 million concurrent players online at the same time
This past weekend, Steam broke the previous record for the number of simultaneous in-game users. According to SteamDB, in the early hours of January 8, the number of in-game users reached 10,082,055, the first time it exceeded 10 million; the number of online users reached 32,186,301, also exceeding the previous record. A day after the record was set, SteamDB monitored another 33,078,963 simultaneous online users.

BlackBerry announces support for the Rust language in automotive software development
BlackBerry and Elektrobit have announced a partnership to support the Rust language in automotive software development. According to both companies, the Rust language is gaining significant traction in the industry. As an in-memory security language, Rust can provide a secure foundation for software development across endpoints.

Intel Announces New U300 Series Processors
Intel has previously removed the Pentium and Celeron brands and replaced them with the Intel Prosessor brand, under which Intel has recently released the U series processors with 1 large core and 4 small core designs. The U300 and U300E series, respectively, the former for mobile platforms, using 1 large core 4 small core design, RWD 4.4GHz; the latter for embedded platforms, using 1 large core 4 small core design, RWD 4.3GHz. the series processor base power consumption 15W, the highest RWD power consumption can reach 55W, support DDR4 and DDR5 memory, up to support LPDDR5-5200 and DDR5-5200. The core display is 48EU and the GPU frequency can reach 1.1GHz.

Other news

According to The Information, Microsoft is discussing integrating ChatGPT, an AI product under OpenAI, into Microsoft Office, including but not limited to Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more. According to internal sources, ChatGPT can help users complete email searches without remembering the exact keywords, and may also help users write email responses in the future. In addition, Microsoft is also considering to introduce ChatGPT into Bing search engine.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is working on a chip that integrates cellular data, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. Currently, the iPhone’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips come from Broadcom; Qualcomm stated in the fourth quarter of last year that it would produce the majority of the 5G baseband for the iPhone in 2023. The news suggests that Apple will replace Qualcomm and Broadcom products by the end of 2024 or early 2025.






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