How to Keep Sexy But Not Vulgar?

Leave sexy symbols like cleavage and miniskirt on the yesterday. We should reject clichés and embrace sexually charged image. “Sexy” in 2014 does not mean to get exposed any more. See-through and hollow-out embody the trendiest sexual look by beautifying alluring back, slender shoulders and flat belly inadvertently.


Look 1. Tactfully Show Your Alluring Back

show alluring back
The sexy back shows more grace and less levity. Try to wear open-front blouse conversely and button up collar buttons, you alluring back will be revealed to the point where it is sexy but graceful.

Miu Miu open-front blouse               Armani Collezioni maxiskirt                Christian Dior leather handbag                  Christian Dior high heels
Miu Miu open-front blouse            Armani Collezioni maxiskirt           Christian Dior leather handbag              Christian Dior high heels

Look 2. Showcase your flat belly

Showcase your flat belly
You have to do lots of work out to look good in bare midriff. Perhaps 100 sit-ups every day will do. When you get ready, pairing the open-front blouse with high waist shorts and buttoning up the middle one are just about perfect to present flat and healthy belly.

Look3. Gauze see-through

Gauze see-through
Sun top layered by gauze creates ambiguity which is the most beautiful epic in this summer to eulogize the attitude towards sexy. Spiffy cutting and classic black and white add a sense of modernism to flirt the suit shows.
Victoria Beckham sleeveless top                                    Proenza Schouler high waist trousers                           Gianvito Rossi high heels
Victoria Beckham sleeveless top                Proenza Schouler high waist trousers              Gianvito Rossi high heels

Look 4. Show your slender shoulders

Show your slender shoulders
It is not new to show slender shoulders in strapless dress. Put on dramatic necklace and funny accessories will make you stand out in the crowds.
The Row strapless ankle-length dress                             Lanvin necklace                   Christian Louboutin high heels

The Row strapless ankle-length dress               Lanvin necklace                           Christian Louboutin high heels

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Ashley Bailey August 1, 2014

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