Easy Guide to Choose Suitable Hair Conditioner For Your Own

No matter how many kinds of hair conditioner brands are there on the market, and no matter how colorful the packaging design becomes, customers should not be confused by the outer package of the conditioner, because the inner product is more important than the outside. As we known, hair conditioner is used as one of the daily wash supplies, and there are all kinds of hair conditioners with different prices kept in stock so as to meet the different consumption of customers. Anyway, all we want is to find the appropriate conditioner with active ingredients for our own, it has nothing to do with the other external factors such as the price, brand, packaging, etc.

How to Choose Suitable Conditioner for Different Hair Quality

1. Oily Hair

Most of the people considered that the greasy hair is caused by over active sebaceous glands, so they mistakenly think they don’t need any conditioner any more. Actually, if you have oily hair, you could choose the hair conditioner with the function of contraction, which could be helpful to shrink the pores and reduce the oil secretion, balancing the condition perfectly. Remember to apply the conditioner on your hair rather than your scalp, and the water temperature should not be too high otherwise it will stimulate oil secretion.

2. Dry Hair

Dry hair could easily happen with the phenomenon of bifurcate or break. If you have dry hair then you should know it is not necessary to wash your hair everyday, and the hair conditioner is essential. For this case, moisturizing conditioner could be suitable for dry hair, just fully comb your hair before washing so the conditioner could be fully distributed the hair.

3. Neutral Hair

Neutral hair is the most ideal hair quality, because the oil secretion is normal, the hair is not dry and there is almost no dandruff. When choosing the hair conditioner, you should pick moisturizing conditioner so you can keep the hair quality without extra burden. Remember to use the water with the temperature which is close to the normal body temperature.

Nikia Green July 30, 2014

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