VPN Review: Your Privacy should be respected!

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In the first issue of must-know tips I informed you which term is the most attractive for beginners and "right-fighters". Then, I will remind you about an elder Latin expression, Censere, "to give as one's opinion, to access.".

New to internet censorship, data theft and such? OR, you're still worrying about your online security, your sensitive information?

Well, if you are reading this review of VPN, it is still NOT too late: you will NOT risk losing your right to know, read, and alike, at once using VPN client, which is also known as SafeJumper. Frankly, one's right is a quite complex social phenomenon & move (trend), yet you had better understand the following popular terms, and take some proactive measures in time to secure your own digital life:

1. eMarketing: a process or any approach of helping connect a businesses to their visitors and/or customers. When implemented correctly even aggressively, another term, ROI (* Return on Investment), could really far exceed that of very traditional marketing methods, such as TV, radio, etc. Therefore, some inexperienced users would get a really bad case of online marketing. Examples are, some creepy Internet tracking tools, advertisement based or sponsored links, and much more. In meanwhile, even some advanced browser programs like Tor had been compromised by NSA (* National Security Agency, which is a 'famous' intelligence org of US gov, does have full ability to GLOBALLY monitor, collect, and process any information and data even personal cell phones!). This is yet another old story since appropriately Aug 6, 2013, according to Gweihir's [email protected] Learn more why you need a truly valid VPN service provider. Here, I kindly recommend trying Proxy.SH VPN.

2. Censorship: In order to make it easier to understand, keep this description in mind: You are NOT allowed to read, speak out, and/or view something that has been considered even defined as objectionable, 'harmful', politically, and such due to your local even country level of rule(s) or "firewall" system. Or, simply, you have been purposely chosen/ controlled to access something in the internet.

What to do next when you have enough about a VPN? You just need to choose a package that's RIGHT for you, as becoming a paid VPN usership at home site only costs your $ 2.00, if you are interested in the plan "QUICK". You can take a quick look at the said VPN package:

* No (NOT) yearly price
* 1GB shared (30+ nodes)
* Unlimited bandwidth
* VPN protocols: OpenVPN, SoftEther, CGIProxy
* Allowed to access tunels based in USA and Netherlands
* Extra bonuses: DNS & Socks protection, and more

Furthermore, offers reliable packages for freelancers, people who are self-employed and small business teams like to rely on proven VPN solutions, such as highly handcrafted VPN servers worldwide.


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PS: If you have any questions about this VPN Review, feel free to comment on this thread later. Or...
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