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Updated on Feb. 06, 2018
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About PureVPN

Before we begin with the PureVPN review, it is important to explain what Pure VPN is exactly? What functions does it perform? And why it is standing out as a primary choice for users?

It is a VPN service that allows its users privacy. With the growing usage of internet among people, there needs to be a system which can protect while we are indulging in online. One's system may be targeted by viruses, malwares and other malicious software if proper attention is not paid.

But with PureVPN offers your worries can stop as it provides an end to end encryption for its users. What makes the use of PureVPN preferable over its competition is that it supports a large number of protocols under its software agreement (features like protection against DNS and IPv6 leak).

It also has an internet kill switch which comes as an ultimate safety measure for all online users. PureVPN has also launched a new security solution that offers protection against viruses and malwares and also allows content filtering.

The initial reviews say that this has slowed down the speed but at the same time praised its features. At the time of this PureVPN, officials claim that no sensitive data related to the users is ever stored on any of its servers. Although during the time of a user creating his account, it does ask for certain details but they are required for the completion of registration.

They ask the following details from their users:

Their name for creating an account
Their e-mail addresses, also for creating an account plus sending announcements
Their phone numbers (only for certain users belonging to certain regions)

But while writing this PureVPN review we did come across some information from the history of PureVPN that does point to the fact that it keeps a track of its users activities. It was involved in a few cases of online stalking where the authorities were able to apprehend the culprit using the activity logs of PureVPN.

Who Uses VPNs?

The gaming community that has such a presence online use VPNs when they connect to gaming servers that are present internationally. Not only the ping issues are reduced because of this but the threat of attack by other online gamers also goes down. While writing this PureVPN review we came across many users who were interested in using VPNs to get access to online content that was not available in their country or state.

The use of VPN software allows them to mask their location and get access using the servers located in any other state. When it comes to using PureVPN, the issue of DNS leak can be a problem that the users might face but the large number of servers along with its features is capable of doing the repair well.


In the following points we list all the advantages that we found while researching for this PureVPN review. It has a number of features that are unique to its platform and offer advantages that users do not get while using other platforms. They are:

Easy to use: It is comparably easier to use and offers a lot of help to the beginners. It is a well known fact that many people do not have sufficient online exposure and for them, following complex steps for maintain their security can become quite a task. PureVPN helps with this.

It comes to the aid of those who do not have sufficient expertise. It is an excellent option for those who are just looking to go online for gaming or streaming services. The services that they offer are well balanced in approach and suited for beginners.

Flexible payment options: One of the better things that work in favor of PureVPN is its effective pricing. It offers multiple payment options that are well suited for both short term and long term usage. Various payment options make it feasible to plan your usage accordingly.

It also offers a seven day money back program. During the course of these seven days the user can assess if or not the services of PureVPN are suited to his or her individual need. Though, some people have complained that the seven day window is too small and that the company should offer free trail services. Maybe owing to the huge demand, the company will make available this option too.

Across multiple devices: PureVPN is not OS limited software and can be run on any platform. This factor has helped expand the market of its product and now it enjoys providing services across various platforms.

Another factor is that it can support up to five devices at a time. This works wonderfully to its benefit as its competitors offer a device limit of only two. The increased number of devices supported means that one can easily buy it once and put it to use for all members of the family. It is easy on the pocket and widely popular in gaming communities.

Large number of diverse servers: What makes PureVPN such a hit across users is its large number of servers present all over the globe. You are not kept limited to any particular country as it can relocate its server based on your need. A specialization of dedicated servers spread across states, offers you to enjoy exclusive services that are particular to a geographical location.

For this reason, PureVPN is widely popular amongst those who use online services to get access to various streaming services. A host of popular online streaming sites offer different services in different states; PureVPN brings you all of them under a single roof. And you can enjoy your favorite show online without having to pay any additional charges.

Customer support services: If and when you run into a glitch in its services, you can rely on its effectiveness to properly address the problem. A round the clock support system along with its 360 security makes it a safe and stable platform to use the web on.

The information that you enter at the time of creating your account is saved permanently in its registers and all queries and complaint numbers are referred and answered through that id only. This ensures that all queries are met timely and in a systematic manner. The user does not have to file repeated claims and complaints. Individual attention is paid to glitches as the account number and problem are reported simultaneously.

Up to date performance: Being up to date is a necessary prerequisite for any online service or platform. This becomes quite necessary because in its absence one would be susceptible to online threats. Every moment the number of threats that we face increases as the internet is exposed to new malicious software every moment.

PureVPN's services are always up to the task of handling such online threats. Online communities prefer its service because of its well balanced approach that while offering sufficient protection does not compromise on its speed. You will not find a slow connection on its servers, although a slight dip in the speed is noticed but this hardly becomes an inconvenience.

Discretion: Company stands by its statements that it does not maintain any log of the activities of its users and that the encryption they provide is end to end. This means that while sending data over the internet, your data is encrypted at your end and transferred over to the receiver before being decrypted there. This provides protection against data loss and theft.

While transferring sensitive data, that may include personal information or credit card information, end to end encryption becomes necessary to secure the transaction against the risk of hacking. Apart from necessary information for its own research and development, no other user data is stored by PureVPN.


However, there are also some disadvantages that we found during the course of PureVPN review. A new user might find some issues with the following:

High price: Though it does offer various flexible payment options but even then the charges that it asks from its users are very high. Most people are not looking for that when they search for an effective method to go on to online game communities or streaming services.

An yearly payment for those who have heavy constant use might sound feasible but for the common folk who does not use that much of internet daily nor deals in sensitive information on a regular basis, the asking price is quite high. The monthly asking rate for the short term user will not be effective for many people who might switch over to another, freely available platform.

But, PureVPN also offers some discount for their VPN plans. You can generate BIG savings when you purchase a plan with the PureVPN coupon code or promo code used at checkout. To get the PureVPN coupon codes immediately, you can click on the 'Reveal Code' button to get started. The code will give you an exceptional savings up to 80% discount.

Issue of security: Though the company maintains that it does not store any sensitive data, This PureVPN review did find some instances where it had flouted its norms and data leak had been found.

The company covered it up by saying that no personal information of the users had been leaked but it proved to be a breach of trust as most users were under the assumption that they were completely anonymous online. This does not bode well for security concerns as no matter how well encrypted a program is, sooner or later it does fall prey to hacking as did PureVPN.

Not supported on smart phone OS: A large number of people who use the internet do so over their smart phones. The largest drawback that this PureVPN review has found is that it does not support the smart phone OS. This deals a blow to the effectiveness and the utility of this VPN provider.

Being a paid service, it should at least have been made available to every user regardless of the OS that it is being run on. The sending and receiving of emails is done mostly over the phone and it is where we stand the largest risk of data loss. PureVPN should do something in this department that has been its biggest drawback.

Large number of add-ons: PureVPN comes with a large number of add-ons that are not specified earlier. This makes the user feel that they have been cheated. After buying the product they are asked additionally to purchase a number of online services for making their experience better.

And indeed those services are optional in nature and on buying they do increase the efficiency of the VPN but it should be pre-specified. No one should feel that they only got half the deal for the money that they paid. This will reduce the confidence of the user in the product and harm the image of the company in long run.

The main motive of this PureVPN review was to list everything that it came across on PureVPN, leaving the reader free to form their own view. PureVPN does not have a lot of drawbacks and its benefits far outnumber the few that have come up.

It is easy to use software that will greatly enhance your online experience by expanding your reach to services that were previously unavailable owing to your location. Online safety is an important issue as it becomes more integrated with our work and businesses.

Summing Up:

PureVPN is user friendly while being a powerful application which packs many high level features. Those who have been using this application or are thinking about switching over to it would love how easy it is to use. Additionally, they get to choose from a number of features and modes, each of which has been tailored to suit different online activities. There have not been too many negative reviews or reports for PureVPN.

But before you go ahead and decide to start using its services, you should take a moment to assess whether you really need a VPN or not. If you need a VPN for one particular activity only then the PureVPN approach will not be well suited to your needs. Those being said, if you are a beginner and are looking for a customized server with a global presence, then go for PureVPN.

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