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Consider The Proxy.Sh Voucher Code to Enjoy Best VPN Services at Best Price is a non logging VPN service, which is based in Seychelles; this company is known for offering both VPN and Proxy service. It is a reliable and quite transparent VPN service that is mainly designed for NGO activists, supporters or advocates of human rights and educationalists as well as scientific researchers.

It offers it services to a large number of servers in almost fifty seven countries as the VPN of is highly encrypted. This service is known for using different methods of encryption that include TOR, EC, obfsproxy softether, ECC and XOR. They ensure the customers that their online activities are secured and their identity is not disclosed as they have a highly advanced encryption method.

Features of

Simple and easy to use
It has an easy openVPN
Its safejumper application is easy to use
There can be transfer from one network location to another
It has a stronger encryption
Multiple encryption methods and protocols
There is 1005 non logging
It supports proxy technologies
It can be operated transparently
One even gets a transparency report along with it
It has a worldwide network
It has a unique ethical approach
Best for NGO activists and researchers.

Advanced features

Auto launch- It lets one choose whether they want to load the safejumper on start up or want to re connect automatically if the connection drops.

Unsecured wifi- One can auto connect any time to any wifi network which is not even password protected.
Display individual node servers- It lets one see every server in each server location.
Kill switch- This is a feature which automatically kills all the internet access to the computer until the VPN connection is restored.
Leak protected- It makes sure that a device doesn’t leak its ipv6 address.
Open VPN port- It lets you choose a local port if you want to set up port forwarding.
DNS servers- You can specify your DNS servers if you want; users can also leave the default settings.
VPN ports to open- It is use for forwarding ports through the VPN server; this is an advanced feature and should only be used if you know what you are doing.

Benefits of VPN vpn has a lot of benefits like:

It is easy to use as the users just need to download, and then install the safejumper application. Once this application is installed one can easily connect to their VPN network easily. After this one can easily select the location and also the protocol they feel is right and want to connect to.

One can easily tap on the safejumper interface and jump from one location to another, so this is like a great feature that gives the users the freedom to choose theri preferred network location.

One more feature of the which is that it can work on multiple devices at the same time.

It also offers some proxy technologies like the TOR, Softether and many others that use various encryption methods and protocols.

This VPN service is also distinguished as it frequently updates the various methods and protocols used by it. They also make sure that all the online activities are kept safe and secret and all the digital information is secured. is known for not keeping a record of logs from users unlike the other VPN service providers; which means that all the personal online activities and transactions made by the users are secure and safe under the VPN server.

It records the email addresses of all the users and also of their subscription packages and the keeps a track of the amount they need to pay for it. In short it has details regarding all the users registered with

It also offers some distinguished features that promote transparency; one such feature is warrant canary. This is a way of communicating for them with their users. This is provided on a daily basis and this feature ensures that the transparency is not compromised in any way.


This is a no logs VPN service which means they do not check or record a user's online activities which may consist of the download history or persona details shared online.

There are no secrets or malware that can be found in this VPN as is one and only VPN service provider to present a code for their software.
It is known to be lowest priced non logging VPN's in the world; so price cannot be an issue while purchasing this server. And voucher code can save you much money.
It also allows torrent sharing so it definitely is a great choice for this purpose.


This VPN service provider is considered to be relatively new also their software is not that properly finished well but despite of this it still works quite well and has a user friendly interface.

The plans

The has 4 VPN plans so choosing one can be confusing; here is an overview of all the plans.

The first plan is a temporary 72 hours plan and should be used only for testing the before purchasing or if you need tech VPN service for a short period mostly when you are traveling.

Then there is the basic plan and the solid plan which are almost the same; each gives the users access to the core features like the safejumper, softether and the private DNS. There is only one difference that the solid plan has 50 server locations while the basic plan has only 5.

The pro plan has some advanced features; there is access to private 50 gbps VPN locations so there is a lot of bandwidth available which means one gets a much faster speed. It also has a multi hop option which means that your location and your exit node can be in a completely different location.

The security has some excellent security features like:

256-bit AES encryption- This is the basic for the open VPN encryption and uses.
4096-bits keys- This is the initial encryption strength between the VPN client and the server. It is quite strong in fact it is incredibly strong.
Private DNS- It has its own non logging DNS server to make sure that that the internet lookups are kept through the ISP’s DNS server.
Kill switch- It is a security feature which instantly lets one kill their internet connection if in case the VPN fails.

Privacy features

It gives the user privacy as well as anonymity which means that it doesn’t monitor or log in to any VPN activity, session data or metadata.

It also gives on the freedom to convert their VPN account into an anonymous token; once this is done then one would not have a username/password or a user account. It gives so much privacy so taking this option is a great but it doesn’t also provide tech support which is like a disadvantage.

You can but the VPN service anonymously with the crypto currency; one can use the Bitcoin or other cryptocoins. And the voucher code is also available.

It also publishes a daily transparency report which lists every warrant and legal request they get; it also shows the action took in response.

Member countries

It has anonymous individuals from different countries like:


The process

Registration- Firstly, one has to click and add the package to their cart and then one has to register with the providers with their email address and password details.

Then is the payment gateway where there is large number of choices like the credit card, debit card options; then there is paypal, Bitcoin and numerous other choices.

Then is the installation process where the windows users need to download the safejumper application and the MAC users need to use the open VPN protocol.

Why is a great choice?

It is considered to be a great choice even after being new because:
Bittorrent users- Torrents are allowed on all servers; they don’t forward the DMCA requests and also publish a transparency report.
It is affordably priced.
It has 256 bits encryption as well 4096 bit handshake which is a great option.


Payment method- It supports more than 100 different secure payment options from all over the over the world. Some prominent names include visa, mastercard, discover, American express, paypal and many other.

Money back guarantee- It offers the refund or money back guarantee to its customers and it is the first provider to do so without any time limit restrictions. In case they are unable to refund money for the Bitcoin transaction they convert the membership into an anonymous voucher code which is worth the same amount.

Voucher codes- If one finds the VPN service price quite high then what they can do is that they can visit VPNSP; which offers great deals. Then one just needs to simply enter the code when signing up for purchasing a plan of the service. This way one can receive as much as ten percent off on all membership plans which can reduce the pricing of the solid and pro plans to a very large extent.

Customer service

It provides a 24/7 technical support and this support is offered via the support ticketing system which is accessible via the client area once a person has registered and it only requires an email address and a password for this.

Although the support department give s a24/ support for emergencies but in a few cases they answer queries in a few business days.

Which plan is the best?

By far the basic plan is the best as it is the only plan that offers an annual unlimited subscription. If you will be using the VPN service in one country only then the basic plan is the best. The solid plan is nice but then it is overpriced because one would get the same features in the basic plan also.

The pro plan is attractive but expensive; it provides a multi hop technology. So if you are ready to pay the price and are more considered for good power, speed and security then pro plan is the best otherwise go for the basic plan without any doubt.


Using the is a good option if you are looking for the highest level of security and anonymity. It is also located in a secluded place so no one can keep an eye on their organisation and its working. It has 4 plan options so it can be a little confusing for the user to choose one. The software is known to be great and secure but the user interface is a bit unfinished.

So there are a lot of things to keep in mind before getting this server; it is also suggested to read and study the reviews given about it online before making a decision. It also has a good logging policy and it also allows downloading torrents which in a way is a great feature.

Though the service is perfect but there are a few areas of defect like the service is too slow and the speed becomes slow. But in case you want a low cost and affordable VPN service with a great privacy protection and transparency then this is it. Go through its strength and weaknesses, study them well and the purchase this service only if you want a short term period plan; otherwise the basic plan is the best.

It has some great features and benefits which are great if you are heading an NGO or some organisation. So think, read the reviews, research and then make a choice; even though it is affordable but buy it only if it is of some use to you.

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