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Updated on Feb. 03, 2018
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How to Get NordVPN Coupon Code

NordVPN is a Panama based product and is one of the most popular choice amongst the VPN users. Even experts are impressed with the product, and once you have it in your hands you won't take much time to understand the reason behind it. Well to understand what makes NordVPN the best choice in market, keep reading below.

Why NordVPN is The Right Choice?

For users who have NordVPN they can enjoy Netflix from almost everywhere in the world which is undoubtedly a rare thing to experience. Secondly with this form of VPN an absolutely amazing interface can be created which is simple in use but is rich in terms of features.

These features are perfect for users who wish to dig a little deeper into the product and make the most out of it. With the factors listed above, the product might seem to be a flawless one however it is not perfect, but yes it is best in the market and is going to appeal you no matter what.

Begin using NordVPN

Users who are just beginning to use NordVPN, the walk through should help them how it actually functions and looks like. And users should know the NordVPN coupon code is available for offering a very cost-effective price.

Once you open up NordVPN, you will be served with world map which is going to have points marked on different countries. These marked points denote the presence of VPN server at different places across the world. To provide convenience to the users, map is already zoomed in such that locations such as Europe, North Africa etc. can be easily spotted in.

While going through the map you can make selection of the country. There are approx. 60 state level locations from where one can make the choice. If in case a user is looking for a server in United States or other parts of the world, simply click on the mark and in no time executive from NordVPN will get back to you.

Users who are in search of NordVPN and are not sure of their location, they can simply hit the connection wizard. After this executive from NordVPN will get connected with the user through their closest server.

If in case users are not able to understand the map approach or use it for locating the server, they can simply scroll through the list option. The list option can be found at the upper left corner of the map.

In the list all the countries are listed down in the alphabetical series. Apart from the above, options for P2P, Onion over VPN, Double VPN, Anti DDoS and Dedicated IP servers etc.

One can even make selection from the desktop menu bar, especially when they are looking for minutia section of the network.
NordVPN indeed has left no stone unturned to give convenience to its user and reach out to them as and when required.

Detailed server selection of NordVPN

The process of choosing the server is almost similar to making choice of the location. The only difference that is going to emerge is, a hamburger icon shall be visible against the name of each country. Choose a country, and further one can pick up a server suiting their choice and requirement.

The server listing against each country will give you in depth detail about the server, like how far the given server is and what is the current load on it with 100% maximum capacity being installed on the same.

Scroll through setting for features

NordVPN has both deep dive and simple users. For power users who wish to make the most out of NordVPN they would surely like to gain an insight into what VPN are all about and what features it has. The best way to inquire and know more about NordVPN is go to the setting menu and find out what is it all about.

One of the common features which can be accessed using the setting tab is, the kill switch using which connection can be automatically terminated from the VPN. The auto connect option can then be used for connecting into the system and while scrolling through this step user is not required to again choose a server or set up the connection.

Features and services of NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the most popular products in the market and the credit of its popularity goes to its salient features which have been listed below;

NordVPN has specialized servers using which power packed users can avail the services. The most used server is P2P server using which file can be easily shared or accessed in traffic. One of the most interesting features of NordVPN here is, if a user starts running the file sharing program on a non-P2P server, the system automatically shifts it to a dedicated P2P server.

For users who want to combine anonymity of TOR network with VPN they can access the three dedicated TOR servers available with VPN. One of the best things about using this feature is user need not have to specifically use the dedicated TOR browser.

All the configuration and basic working shall be completed by NordVPN itself i.e. configuration and routing shall be performed by it. Hence once the user is on one of the VPN services, they shall in no time be on the TOR network to use and make the most out of it.

The users of NordVPN have three dedicated TOR servers for their use which if required can be combined to TOR network. The best part about this feature is one need not have to use a dedicated browser for accessing the services. All the routing and configuration is taken care of by the NordVPN itself.

Specialized servers are available at the disposal of NordVPN users which includes double VPN, Anti VPN and also P2P. There is also double VPN and anti DDoS servers available for users who wish to use them.

Double VPN is a perfect server for user who wishes to route his traffic through two VPN servers i.e. through US or Canada. On the other hand, Anti D'DoS provides a stable connection which can further be checked and verified using "An advanced stability checking system." Apart from above, there are also dedicated IP servers which can be used for purchasing dedicated IP address.

The use of NordVPN enables its users to connect six devices to one single account. The applications are provided for Windows, Mac, Android and also Ios. The tutorials for using Linux, Raspberry Pi and Chrome OS are also available for assisting the users and providing them utmost convenience.

Server list: One of the best features of NordVPN website is, it displays the status of servers. With this valuable data, one can get info on the specialized servers i.e. the plus server load and also the VPN protocols which is supported for each server.

User interface

NordVPN understands how important it is to provide convenience to users. Considering the fact they have built up a user interface which is easy to navigate and go through. Users who are inexperienced or advanced, they can scroll through the server and decide things which are of their use or requirement. The complete interface has been built keeping in mind ease of use of the users.

Performance of NordVPN

The average speed of the server is approx. 39.43 percent. It has too many servers available in the bucket; hence for power users it is an appropriate choice to make. It provides people with a platform or a server that is less busy and can easily accommodate requirements of the users. The only problem an individual might have to go to is, the space on their server shall keep filling up quickly.


Pricing of NordVPN servers have been kept affordable such that users across the world can have easy access to it. Hence for individuals who want to use the server and don’t have sufficient budget for the same, they can easily have access to the server and use it for varied purposes. Besides that, NordVPN coupon code allows you to have a much lower price than ever could.


The world of technology has been an evolving one and to ensure that server meets the demand of changing users the makers of NordVPN has made sure to evolve it. With changing times they have continuously been updating the server and making it compatible as per the use of people.

Website of NordVPN

While scrolling through the website of NordVPN user shall come across the most appealing white and blue theme. It has well presented data which can be accessed by users from all over the world and with complete convenience. There is a FAQ section on the web which details the services, however not much technical detail is shared over the site.


Providing support to users is of utmost importance for NordVPN and keeping the same in mind the company has made sure to provide 24/7 customer support. Assistance can be availed by the users using Facebook, Twitter, email etc. Apart from that, a live chat option is also available using which people can talk to the executives of the company and take help as and when required. Support chat provides users with immediate response and also resolution of queries at the earliest.

Further to ensure that users need not have to struggle much, set up tutorials are also available for individuals to have access to. These tutorials are loaded with wholesome of information which is sufficient for meeting varied needs of users based around the world.


NordVPN has ensured to keep the servers accessible for the users. Considering the fact they have made sure that their servers are available in important countries of the world, thus enabling people to have easy access to it and make most out of it as and when required.


While the dependency on technology has drastically increased, NordVPN has ensured to provide its users with utmost access and convenience. Considering the fact users have been provided complete access to Netflix wherein users can easily watch and adjust the filters according to their requirement and expectation.

However one must make a note that Netflix can only be accessed from U.S. Servers. For those who are using Hulu they will have to work with a specific set or range of server.

Trust and privacy

In order to have access to NordVPN users are required to sign in using a simple email account and password. For making any purchase or availing services, payment on the platform can be made using credit card, PayPal or Bitcoins. This means user has all the convenience to make payment the way they want. They can pay anonymously or whatever way they desire.

Talking about the privacy of users, NordVPN does not maintain any log to track the activity or access of the users. Hence individuals accessing the server need not have to be worried about their private or confidential information. All of it is going to remain safe and undisclosed to the outside world.

This is not all, company does not even lists the name of its team members and the reason to it is they want to keep information private and undisclosed to the outside world. Being a security firm they also ensure to keep the identity of staff under the cover.

Going further, company also does not track you. If you go through the terms of service of company, they have clearly specified that they don’t track cookies for administration of the site, tracking its users or even the trends. The server or company is not at all inclined in gathering personal or demographic information of the users, and they leave users completely in their private space.

Final Words

Going by the facts mentioned above it is clearly evident that NordVPN has one of the best user interfaces which provide all the convenience to its users. Moreover it also maintains anonymity and privacy of the user, enabling them use NordVPN anytime and anywhere they want. Hence for users who are looking forward to the best and private server services, NordVPN is the name to choose.

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