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Updated on Feb. 06, 2018
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Join the ExpressVPN most popular deal, you can save nearly 50% on an annual plan. It will be billed at $99.95 for the first 15 months. You can have a price as low as $6.67 per month. Hurry, limited time deal only.

48% Discount

How to Get ExpressVPN Coupon Code

ExpressVPN is an easy to use, secure and high speed VPN service that is available for almost all the main platforms which include the desktop and mobile platforms. It is supported and can works on windows, MAC, Linux, Android and IOS. This service allows one to access any website and also helps in bypassing of network restrictions. It also has instant setup which means that people can get started with it in no time.

One just requires signing up, installing the app and connecting it to the secure servers, it helps one access any website without compromising on speed and security and it also ensures fast speed while viewing the video. The best part about this ExpressVPN service is that it encrypts the internet traffic and also provides extra protection from hackers by hiding the IP address.

About the vpn services and jurisdiction

ExpressVPN is a company based in British overseas territory; overall it is a decent privacy jurisdiction so it is best to choose a VPN that is located in good privacy jurisdiction. It is also known for offering a nice line up of reliable apps with goo performance. So it is best for those seeking a stable and user-friendly service that protects ones privacy. But overall it is a high quality service that is worth considering.

What Does ExpressVPN Do?

It is a virtual private network that is known for creating secure tunnels between the user and the internet. So if one tries to access any website all the internet traffic is then routed through tunnelling protocols and in encrypted in that process.

Things to know

ExpressVPN has a backing of 4096 CA based encryption which is the best amongst the lot. It also has more than 145 VPN locations in 94 different countries which mean that a user can choose a server location that is located near them for proper and optimized speed.

It has an unlimited server that allows users to connect from almost anywhere in the world.

All the VPN service plans come with a 30 day money back guarantee and it also includes almost every feature.

It also provides an anonymous option which means that whatever the users do online is not tracked unlike other VPN’s that track user activities online.

It never keeps logs of online activities and ensures complete peace of mind and privacy.

It has a kill switch option which works for both windows and MAC insures that all the incoming and outgoing traffic is stopped if a user disconnects from the VPN.

It also runs its own DNS servers which means that there is no connection and activity logs as well as DNS blocking,


It supports all major platforms
There is unlimited bandwidth
It also has unlimited server switches
Best in class encryption
It has open VPN, L2TP-IPsex, SSTP, PPTP
There are no activity logs
It is available in 145 servers and 94 countries
It has 3 simultaneous connections
24/7 customer support
It also offers a 30 day money back guarantee
Kill switch
Zero knowledge DNS

Broad categories

Broadly the features can be divided into categories like:


One can watch, stream and enjoy content from all the censored and blocked sites around the world also while travelling
One can choose from 148 VPN server locations in 94 countries all over the world.
It has a built in speed test feature which one can get by choosing the fastest VPN server location for their network.
It has some award winning apps for windows, MAC, IOS, Android, Routers and Linux.
It also has 24/7 email and live chat option to help one while setup and if there is any problem.
This VPN service also allows one to route some of their device traffic through a VPN while letting others directly access the internet

Security features

The data is protected by AES-256 which is an encryption standard trusted by security experts worldwide.

It doesn't and will never ever log traffic data and anything that can make you get identified.

There is no need to reveal your IP address and location.

It lets one to be anonymous online; it also lets one pay with Bitcoin and TOR the ExpressVPN's hidden site.

It runs its own private and encrypted DNS one every server making connections safer and faster.

Education features

It has an activity blog that gives security tips, digital freedom and internet privacy news from around the world.

It has step by step guide for topics related to browsing, deleting the Google history and also things related to using TOR to stay private online.

It also lets one stream sports online privately and securely.


Anonymous identity- There is nothing on the internet that we view or download is not monitored; almost all the activities are recorded and saved in the history of our computer. There are specific spy agencies and web hackers that can log into our web browsing history and get hold of all the data and personal information. ExpressVPN helps in saving the users from this as it maintains anonymity of the users making it completely impossible for someone to trace or find out about one’s identity.

Censorship- A lot of social media websites are blocked or banned in a few regions; like Facebook is banned in the Gulf countries, in the same way instagram and twitter are also blocked in a few regions. So what ExpressVPN does is that it helps one in using and unblocking a site.

Save money- One can save on travel expenses by changing their location through the ExpressVPN. For this one just needs to change their IP address in order to avoid paying higher prices for airfare, hotels etc while travelling.

Encrypt the internet traffic- Public hotspots are considered to be unsafe as information shared through them can be easily leaked. So anyone using the same public wifi hotspot can find out about your personal information like bank account details, credit/debit details and other personal information.

ExpressVPN plays a crucial role in this situation it in a way encrypts all the information shared through that network so it becomes impossible for anyone to hack one’s personal details.

VPN coverage- ExpressVPN is compatible with a number of devices so one can use two or three devices at the same time with a single subscription. So in a way with a strong VPN coverage one can enjoy online activities with privacy on multiple devices.

Payment- In case one doesn’t want to pay with credit/debit card then they have the discretion of paying through Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

Advantages of ExpressVPN

Plan price- It offers a single plan with various purchase options. It is also simple and straightforward. The VPN express also offers a free trial like some providers and it also offers a 30 day money back guarantee. So it is a great way of ensuring that the users like the service before committing. It also accepts Bitcoin payment along with paypal credit/debit card so it is easy.

Server locations and location options- The offshore location protects the company from law enforcement agencies like the NSA so it gives the online browsing history an extra legal layer of security and protection. It currently has a line up of over 1000 servers located in 145locations and 94 countries around the world.

So with a high number of servers it becomes really easy. So the 1000 plus servers give you a lot of options but they also make sure that reliable performance and high uptimes. It also offers the stealth servers which is a unique feature.

Security and encryption- ExpressVPN protects the privacy by not keeping any usage logs. It doesn’t keep traffic logs in case there is a breach of their records.

Caveat- It is a unique privacy feature that helps ExpressVPN stand out in the onion address. It maintains a dark website to avoid censorship. Through the .onion address it enables you to easily access and sign up for ExpressVPN even in countries where VPN services are outlawed.

Kill switch- It has a kill switch options that allows one to immediately cut all online activity if one has to suddenly stop.

User interface- Its user interface is perhaps the best feature; it has a super smooth user flow. It has the ease to use as well as high performance and stellar security. It is the most simple and straightforward VPN app around.

Performance- It has superior performance so all its security, privacy and overall ease becomes all worthwhile. Slow speeds are rarely a problem thanks to its unlimited bandwidth and over 1000 servers. The speed and performance vary depending on the server one is using.


Free trial and price- This VPN is expensive as compared to most other VPN providers as one would definitely pay more than the competition. But the extra money is worth it so even you pay more you can be assured that you are getting good connections with a range of servers. They also do not offer a free trial so in order to test their service you have to pay for atleast a month. The lack of free trial can put anyone off.

Limited settings- There is lack of control and also there are few protocol options and you can also choose your server location. So ExpressVPN has limited configurations for you. The ExpressVPN users also cannot customize their settings as much as they are able to do with other providers.

Phone support- One can only get in touch with ExpressVPN via chat or email. For some it is a big deal while some it is not that a big deal. If you like phone support then ExpressVPN is not best for you.

Languages supported

The languages supported by ExpressVPN are:

USAUK Canada China Germany India Japan Spain France Russia Italy Dutch Portugal Turkish Swedish

Before purchasing this VPN you should also read the reviews regarding it online; so with a proper response of the people that have used this ExpressVPN it becomes easy to buy the VPN for personal use. The best review about it is that it is compatible with different a device which is the best part. A VPN that runs on all the devices is the best and the most easy to use.

ExpressVPN promises compatibility with different devices. One just needs to configure the VPN on different devices like computer, smartphone. IPad, Tablet and router. ExpressVPN also supports windows, Mac, Linux, Android and Ios allowing users to experience internet freedom no matter which device they use or platform they prefer.

So overview of this is:

User friendly installation and operation on all ios gadgets.

100 plus servers in 77 countries

24/7 live chat support

It also supports multiple networks

Secures data by tunnelling through protocols.

Server switching feature.

So this is a great VPN server for using; even though it is expensive as compared to other devices but it is worth using. It offers great features and benefits to the users; none of the other servers provide so many features. It supports all devices and configures with all of them so it makes it easy to use. it not only supports the phone which is a drawback but if one is ready to adjust then there is no problem.

It supports diverse protocols; through these protocols a secure network is formed which tunnels your data with time. It is also very secure service that protects the identity of a user by not saving the online logs.

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