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Updated on Feb. 06, 2018
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Get to know better about ZenMate, by reading the ZenMate review

What is ZenMate?

German-based VPN service provider, ZenMate works as an application and also as a browser extension. It is a free Premium VPN provider and a Freemium version of VPN service. Though it is a German company, which is expected to have some concerns with the privacy and other services, ZenMate is a professional and also a very reliable VPN provider.

They provide their clients with top-grade transparency, high quality encryption, and the software functionality but at a price that is quite more than the decent one. To know a little more about the company, you got to read the ZenMate Review.

In the current scenario, where the net neutrality is at stake, and all our online actions are being monitored and tracked by various government agencies and the providers of internet, the only source for secured browsing is a trusted VPN.

And ZenMate is one such provider which is very reliable to more than 42 million of its users globally. It enables you to enjoy the internet without being posed to any threats or restrictions.

ZenMate's Interface:

Once you have downloaded the ZenMate VPN extension, you get the free access to the limited services they provide. The registration is also a very straightforward process. Premium users, on the other side of the coin, need to provide their email address and has to choose a payment method, via a credit card, or a bitcoin or etc.

It is also an easy process to download the client and then install it. You have to read the instructions, follow them and the client successfully runs on your device. Whichever the device you choose to use ZenMate with, it is sure to provide you with an attractive design, clear notifications, large font and features that are easily accessible.

You are availed with a feature to on or off the VPN and select a server to connect, with just a click. You also get to access ZenMate directly from the ZenMate extension in your browser, by clicking on its icon. Thus, it is very a friendly VPN provider.

Performance and Reliability of ZenMate:

No issues were encountered during the performance tests, and the results were quite good. The processes ran really smooth even during heavy data traffic. The most important and impressive thing mentioned in the ZenMate was that there were no DNS leaks. The accessibility of the servers is based on the condition whether you are a free or a paid user.

A free user can access 4, whereas the paid user can get access to 30 servers. The free users get the accessibility in countries like the United States, Romania, Germany and Hong Kong. The paid users get the additional accessibility in few other world countries.

Zenmate reviews speak exceptionally about its speed. They were extremely secure and stable. But when one tries to connect to a far away server, the speed deteriorates remarkably. Hence, it’s suggested that you have to connect to the nearest server.

Features of ZenMate:

ZenMate VPN is one of the easiest ways to stay anonymous and secure online, as you browse whatever you wish to. It hides your IP address and encrypts all the data traffic that you browse. This provides anonymity to your web searches. ZenMate also allows you to change the virtual location of yours, which implies that you get access to the blocked sites in your area and locality.

Features of the free ZenMate VPN:

No restriction on the unlimited data usage
For Google chrome and Firefox, only an extension is provided
Layer 2 Tunnelling and Internet protocol security are the two protocols
Accessible servers in 4 countries

Features of the paid ZenMate VPN:

Can be installed for many devices
Comparatively faster than the free version
Can connect up to five devices with a single account
Malware is blocked
Accessibility to 30 servers in 29 countries

Regardless of your native device settings, ZenMate provides Ever Secure, which keeps you safe all the time and a secured VPN connection is established every time you are connected to the internet.

It lets you configure the software, so it blocks the sites that are known for user behaviour tracking.
You can easily connect to the server nearby, with the feature of the Smart Location
All your traffic is encrypted
You can pay with the bitcoins, safeguarding your anonymity

Advantages of ZenMate:

The ZenMate reviews speak highly few of the advantages of the VPN, few of which are:

It provides a free service based on the browser that one uses
Browser extensions are provided for various top web browser
It is very easy to download and install, the total set-up is quite friendly with instructions
The one-year price is low and affordable
There is a provision to pay with bitcoin
It establishes a quick and reliable connection
There are no DNS leaks
All operating systems are supported
One week free trial and 14 day free money back guarantee for the premium users

Disadvantages of ZenMate:

Like any other computer applications, there are few disadvantages of the ZenMate, as enlisted in the ZenMate, which include:

There is no 24/7 live chat support
The performance is below-par and not very appreciable
There are very limited features
There is no openVPN support
The client has very less control over the settings of VPN


TLS 1.2 protocol with 128-bit AES-GCM encryption is used, RSA handshaking and for authentication process, Robust SHA 348 is used. The company’s FAQs claim that they have few connection logs, only if the data is provided to them or if some information is needed for them to do their service.

This implies that your personal information is used only if you wish to contact the customer service or when you subscribe from them. But, the company does not store or save any of your personal details, nor does it monitor your online activities in any sense, especially due to the strict German policies of privacy.

Hence, there is zero risk of your information and data to get leaked or gone into the hands of the surveillance agencies that work for the government, or for any private parties. But sometimes, the company accesses your details, in any of the below conditions:

Whenever the user wants to contact the customer service
For the subscription of the company’s newsletter
To provide information to the user upon request
When the user connects to the server for using ZenMate
Whenever the user posts comment in the communities or on the forum

Probably due to the performance priorities or the cost effectiveness, ZenMate lacks protocol options and this is the major drawback as mentioned in the ZenMate.

Also, before you attempt to download the torrents, you definitely have the necessity to contact ZenMate’s support, as P2P is a very shady place, which is neither encouraged nor discouraged.

ZenMate's support:

Support is provided by ZenMate only through the email system. This is quite inconvenient to most of the customers, who mention about the poor customer service in their Zenmate. The technicians or the engineers do respond quickly, but there is no 24/7 live chat provision which is irritable and pretty noticeable to the clients, and hence a disappointment.

However, on the other side, the website has some great setup instructions and guiding features, and a very resourceful FAQ section, which usually answers all the queries and solves the most common troubles the customers face. They also have potentially appreciable answers to the questions.

Options of Price for ZenMate:

ZenMate can be used for free, but the access is limited to very few features and functions. In order to get complete accessibility, one needs to upgrade to the premium pack. Though there is unlimited data usage in the free pack, one must be ready for the regular pestering from the company to upgrade to the premium version. Like most of the other VPN service providers, ZenMate also offers a paid package, which has the price based on the subscription time period.

Monthly subscription - $7.99 per month
Half yearly subscription - $7.49 per month
Annual subscription - $4.99 per month

If we had any access to the previous plan of pricing the VPN, one would come to a conclusion that ZenMate is overpriced. But after the price is revised, the ZenMate is very positive and it implies that the pricing is now very modable and makes ZenMate purchasal a worthy one. You can use ZenMate coupon code, promo code to save much more money on the most popular plan.

Multi-Platform VPN Service:

ZenMate is compatible with almost all the renowned platforms and operating systems. It implies that the client can be used anywhere on the Windows, Linux, Mac, Android or iOS. The other great feature and probably the best part, according to the ZenMate is that the customer can use more than just one connection. Precisely telling, a very secured and reliable connection can be enjoyed by the premium users on all of their devices, and they will be protected.

ZenMate App:

During the time of setting up the username and password, you receive an email from the ZenMate provider. And the moment you locate the sent mail, you are offered a free trial of the ZenMate app. This app can be downloaded from the Official website of ZenMate and can be used during the free trial period. With this, estimation can be made on the features and the performance of the Zenmate and also the app.

The best part about the ZenMate app is that it is synchronized with all of its websites. Once you login on its website by providing the username and password, you don’t have to do it again. You are directly taken straight to the servers to which you would want to connect.

But it should be noted that the ZenMate Chrome extension very fast when compared to the app. The chrome extension uses the 128-bit encryption, which is a little bit weaker than the premium version. The download speed has greatly improved and is very quick to perform.

Payment Procedure for ZenMate:

After creating a username and password during the creation of a ZenMate account, one needs to specify the method of payment. They can choose any one from among the three:

Credit card payment
PayPal payment
Other payment options which include UnionPay, QiwiPay, or the bitcoin

Almost all the major credit card options are available for ZenMate.

The Server Count of ZenMate:

The premium option of ZenMate gives you access to the 30 servers in 29 different countries all over the world. Factually speaking, this count is very less when compared to the other VPN service providers. But, keeping the fact in mind that the ZenMate has recently introduced the premium version, for previously it was only a web browser extension, we can say that it is doing well.

As it started very recently, the performance can hence be considered fair enough, and one can positively expect the increase in the service with the prolonging time and the familiarity of the company.

What is the use of ZenMate?

ZenMate helps its customers to access the internet from any parts of the globe, which have the global restrictions. It enables them to change their virtual geographical location on the web and hides their IP address.

Thus, it provides accessibility of the websites irrespective the person's geographical address. It also encrypts the data traffic of the customers, due to which their online activities are safe from being tracked down. This helps in restoring the net neutrality and further gives the customer the freedom to browse without the fear of being watched and monitored.

It also provides security and protection from the various external threats, like the cyber threat. Torrenting is allowed, and the person can visit even the censored parts of the World Wide Web, by using the public Wi-Fi itself.

As a final word, it's one of the most suggestible options to use ZenMate as it is an all-rounder VPN Service Provider, with some really good features at an affordable price, and great security.

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