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Updated on Feb. 07, 2018
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How to Get Private Internet Access Coupon & Promo Codes, Coupon Code

Private Internet Access coupon & promo codes will help you get a superior VPN service at the best value. Choose the PIA coupons, deals, and discounts that are right for you here, get started to secure your connection & privacy at the most affordable price. To know more about the PIA VPN, continue reading as followed:

Anonymous VPN services: The Private Internet Access review

Man internet is decrypted and human readable. This leaves you susceptible to data theft and breach of privacy. To help you decide about how and why to use a VPN, we are going to analyse the services of a VPN provider. This is the Private Internet Access review.

Private Internet Access encrypts your data and changes you location while masking your IP address. This protects your privacy and helps you transfer data online in a safer way. It uses VPN tunnelling using the pre existing technology in your computer and does not require any new hardware.

Their services are designed based on individual user requirements. Moreover, it does not compromise on speed of the networks. You can still use fast internet via its VPN tunnels. For those people who are looking for a trustworthy and affordable VPN service, the Private Internet Access coupon & promo codes can help them.

Security Features:

The main reason why any of us have considered using or are using a VPN service is for online protection. The following are the reasons that make Private Internet Access a contender for your choosing:

Hide your IP address: The IP address is the internet protocol location of your system and thus is traceable by anyone on the internet. Using a masked VPN service will prevent this from happening, it will help you maintain complete privacy while granting you access to any website based out of any particular country.

It manages to accomplish this task by using multiple servers that are located all over the world and switches you over to a more convenient location as based on your demand or the origin of the website that you are trying to gain access to. Thus, you are not kept region restricted online nor can your location be traced by others.

Defence against data monitoring: Data is sensitive information. It can either be personal, financial or business. But regardless of its nature, we deem it a breach of privacy if some unauthorised personnel gain access to our data.

In this Private Internet Access vpn we found that its encryption allows you to send and receive sensitive data safely. Even if the data is being monitored it will not be readable by whoever is watching. It will get decrypted only at the other end.

Thus making it safe for you to conduct online business. In absence of such services, data theft becomes a huge threat. A masked VPN is the best way to go in this scenario.

Firewall: Any malicious software or user gaining access to your system can be a huge problem for anyone. It is thus better if we take necessary precautions against it and prevent our system from becoming susceptible to such threats.

It is not only a question of privacy but also of security. Not paying enough attention might mean having to endure a loss. This unauthorised access to your system can be prevented by the use of a firewall.

It is a safeguard programme that monitors the network your system is using and only provides access to those who have the permission. Any illegal attempt to breach will be denied. It is mandatory for businesses.

Anonymous online browsing: No one would like to be constantly kept under the watch regardless of the content that they have been browsing. It is not only inconvenient but most people will also find it distressing.

To prevent such unnecessary hassle, one should consider using the VPN services of Private Internet Access. During the course of this review, we came to find that it provides complete anonymity online.

The only places that your details may be registered are the places that you are asked to beforehand. Even providing anonymous log in services, it allows you to mask the location from which you are accessing the website or any outside system on a network.

Unrestricted access: One of the best things that we came to know about during the course of Private Internet Access review was that it allows unrestricted access to websites all over the world. It manages to accomplish this by using the multiple numbers of servers that it has present all over the world. Having this many servers spread across means that you will be redirected to a particular server if the website you want to access is geographically limited. This is quite useful for online streaming services and those trying to access region specific data. No user will like to pay huge amount of money for something that he or she can get for free.

Why to Use the (PIA) Private Internet Access VPN?

Having listed the advantages that this VPN service provider lists for your use, the following section would give you some factors that we in this Private Internet Access review came across. These factors are why you should begin to use or switch over from another provider to them:

WiFi is encrypted: Very few people now use the wire and modem approach. Most of us access the internet on our laptops and/or our smart phones. This means using the WiFi service. Most of the hacking or cloning that happens to our devices is done on unsecured wireless networks.

But if you switch over to using Private Internet Access it will not only provide you with easy and multiple device connectivity but also protect your wireless network. Allowing you to access internet on the go anywhere that you are.

You can carry your device wherever you go and carry your privacy safely. Not having an encrypted wireless network would mean that you are left open to the threats of unauthorised access to your system and your network.

Supports multiple devices: Another bonus feature of using this service provider is that it allows you to connect multiple devices to the same network. This means, that you will not have to buy its services additionally for your family. You just have to buy it once and it can be supported on up to five devices simultaneously.

Not only does this make it easier on the pocket but also more convenient to use. You have to purchase just one for your family and ideally everyone can be set up. Or, even if you are a person who owns multiple devices, as is mostly the case with professionals, it will serve you equally well. It can be supported on up to five devices. Most of its competitors do not that many options.

Easy to use: While doing this Private Internet Access review, we also tried our hand at their services. It is very easy to use and after the initial set up, you won’t even have to do anything additionally. This feature makes it ideal for the use of children whose parents are worried for their online security.

Also, those students who are involved in research or project work can easily access the data that was not made available for them because of their geographical location. All this along with a host of other features make it exceptionally useful for families that have both young and old users.

After the initial installation, it is auto updated whenever an update is patched through to its network and one does have to spend any time on its maintenance and its upkeep.

Instant set-up: After you buy this product, you will have to make a necessary monthly or yearly payment (depending on the plan that you have chosen). After that you will receive the software patch, it will sync with your hardware. The VPN services are installed without the need for any additional set up and the only cost that you will incur in its procurement is the price that you choose to pay for its plan.

Having pre-planned expenditure method makes it economically viable in comparison to its alternatives that ask for higher amounts of money and request for hardware update. An average user who accesses the net for socializing and entertainment use only will find that this plan is better suited to his needs.

No logs policy: During the course of this Private Internet Access review we came to know that it does not maintain any logs of the user activities. The only details that it asks for are the ones required at the time of setting up the plan. After that no record of user’s activities are kept with the company.

These works in the favour of the users as they can be assured of their privacy and easily browse online content without the threat of someone keeping a watchful eye over them. Some people may find objection to the fact that they are being monitored by the service provider they use. Such users will find Private Internet Access better suited to their need.

The shortcoming of Private Internet Access:

There were some things that did trouble us though during the writing of Private Internet Access review. They have certain drawbacks that are being listed her:

Customer support: The after sale services is an area where they need to work a lot more. A complaint that is filled with them will get a reply only after twelve hours have passed. This is after they advertise a 24/7 support for their customers. For normal circumstances this might not be a problem but for some that may be too long a time and may result in the loss of data that is critical to the company.

Their support centre is based in North America and they provide a Twitter support too. This means that you can log your complaint on their twitter handle and they will try to address your problem through there.

Does not always work: The main reason for using a masked VPN is to gain access to those sites that are geographically restricted. But while doing this Private Internet Access review we found that even after its use, certain online streaming sites, like Netflix, are still not externally accessible. This is a huge drawback for some who have paid money for unrestricted online access. Country specific restrictions cannot be bypassed using this VPN (and its number of servers).

Slow download speed: On one hand, it offers easy browsing and on the other, slow download speed. This may prove to be annoying to some users who might have signed up for its services thinking about all the content they could be able to download using its servers. The major issue here is the fact that different speeds were recorded for different servers. Meaning that two users who have paid the same amount of money will get different speeds.

Free trial is not available: Any user likes to assess the programme before deciding to commit to the plan fully. Absence of a free trial comes as a huge blow to users as they are not able to decide beforehand whether or not their needs be fully served with this service provider.

Limited interactive interface: The biggest disappointment to the Private Internet Access review came in the form of its interface. It is a very basic model that does not even provide the choice of themes. And, you don’t get to choose from the diverse number of servers it has.

You are only kept limited to the specific region that you would like to access and then you are done. What server you are assigned is completely up to them. This is what results in two users having different speed for the same access level.

End Verdict:

Does this Private Internet Access review recommend it? Yes it does, the major reason being that it offers some advanced features that its competitors don’t. And for the basic user, it offers significant protection that will prove enough for both browsing and business.

It's very basic interface will also make it easier to use for those who prefer minimalistic and purely functional approach. Not giving a free trial might be a drawback but it you do decide to pay for it, it will not be a bad investment. All readers should also exercise their discretion while choosing to pick a program that will suit their individual needs best.

Furthermore, the Private Internet Access coupon & promo codes can help users generate more savings. If you want to get the PIA VPN, don't miss out on these coupons, discounts, and deals here.

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