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JusByJulie indicates that its founder is Julie, a graduate from the Integrated School of Nutrition who has later become a certified nutritionist. JUS is the French root implying juice made by its own. JusByJulie’s inception starts from Julie’s chase after a healthier life to take in the greens that are not normally first choice of food but that provide sufficient energy and fiber to function much better. It all starts from her own family; she made smoothies from fruits every morning for her family to later surprisingly find that cholesterol has gone down, weight has lost without being fatigue. Words spread and business naturally started. Given the fact that demands keep increasing, JUSes by JusByJulie are made everyday from fresh and all-natural fruits and vegetables. Featuring a vast array of vitamins and nutrients without adding additives, products from JusByJulie are certified kosher under the supervision of the OU (Orthodox Union). JusByJulie is at 347-850-4587 and email at help@jusbyjulie.com.

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